Muntons Premium Gold and The Hand Crafted Craft Brewing Kits

The best of the Muntons range,  the Craft Brewing kits and The Premium Gold range

3.5 Kg of malt to give a full bodied and well tasty beer. We've been asking Muntons for some craft beers and now they've gorn an done it!

SIx  very nice beers with the promise of more to come!

These are the heavier more full bodied beers that we've come to expect and love. Drinking for the love of the beer, all this range are  a bit special, a bit more of the malt and hops, worth every penny.

IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales

Muntons Hand Crafted American Style IPA 40 Pints

40 Pints of Muntons AMerican IPA craft brewing kit.

5.5% of a well bittered American Style Pale Ale

USing Citra hops for that floral aroma that we all love. There's a pale light shining in the beer that allows the citrus notes to beam through.

Slightly sweet but with that bitterness to balance it out, with a full body, no skinny beers here!

Munrons have taken care to craft a special range of kits, they're all winners. This one is possibky the front runner in a field of the best! IF you love thos egolden floral beers then you're first past the post with this one!

40 pints at 5.5% .

IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales

Muntons Hand Crafted Belgian Style Ale 36 Pints

Muntons Belgian craft brewing kit, 36 pints at 7.5%

A pale ale of intense and fruity  flavour

36 pints of 7.5%, we re talking a serious pint here.

Full bodied, malty but not treacly. WIth a distinct Saison quality.

What's Saison? It's a refreshing fruity pale ale at about 7% brewed by Belgian farmers.

We don''t know Hercule Poirot would make of it and he's the only famous Belgian we know. But we think it's great, it's so easy to drink a few pints and forget that it's 7.5%.

Bitters and Ales

Muntons Hand Crafted Oaked Ale 40 Pints

40 Pints of Muntons craft brewing kit. Hand crafted Oaked Ale at 5%

A nice deep copper coloured ale

Innis and Gunne do an oaked ale, they have that real ale aged in new oak barrels taste in them.

It's a bit special, oakey and beery, it only happens with the newest barrels.

There's oak in the malt extract and a small sachet of toasted oak in the kit to really zip it up.

5% so it's beefy enough to take all the oak and a full 40 pints.

What are you waiting for! Buy it!

Bitters and Ales

Muntons Smugglers Special Premium Ale 40 Pints 3.6Kg

It's one of our favourites, it's a smugglers life for me!

We've put some nice smuggling pictures on here for you as well!

The suspect looking pirate with the banjo is me!

Smugglers Special Premium Ale -  The best hops and malts, not too dark but a summer ale. that slight copper colour and just a touch of crystal malts. Flavour and taste, not just a burst of bitterness but a malty true smugglers beer! Bit like Doom Bar Bitter...

Bitters and Ales

Muntons Premimu Gold Midas Touch Golden Ale 3.6 Kg 40 Pints

It's the beer that's got the Midas Touch!

Midas Touch Golden Ale - It's not a lager, it's a bitter with a generous hoppy taste. It's getting to the stage of the American craft beers, blonde coloured and bitter.

We'd suggest adding some finishing hops for that genuine American Craft beer taste. Just click on more details!

Stout and Guinness

Muntons Premium Gold Conkerwood Black Ale 40 Pints

We don't play conkers no more but we do love this beer!

Old Conkerwood Black Ale - Old Conkerwood, like a full blown grown up Guinness. What you'd expect if you were offered an Imperial Stout. Something beyond black, full bodied, well bittered a dryness with that bit of sweet edge that a true black beer needs... Now you're talking real black beer!