TheBrewShop Custom Extract Brews

Full Instructions for these brews are on the website, they're all simple, no mashing but maybe a bit of steeping. You will need a big pan or an electric boiler, a jug and sieve will be useful!

You'll just get the exact ingredients to make the brew, you'll need to print off the instructions and recipe off this page!

To make these beers you'll need either a really big pan or an   Electric boiler, a straining bag and a big jug would be useful as well.

Bonfire Night Smoked Ale 40 Pints 5% TheBrewShop Custom Brew

5 Gallon/40 Pint German Sinkenquicken Lager Beer TheBrewShop Custom Brew

Underbank Ale 40 Pints 5 gallons TheBrewShop Custom Brew

40 PInts Extra Blonde Pale Ale- TheBrewShop Custom Brew

Old Town Rogue Ale 40 Pints/5 Gallons TheBrewShop Custom Brew

Mad March Hare Ale -40 Pints at 7.5% TheBrewShop Custom Brew