Muntons Premium Cellar Wine Kits

1.7 Kilo kits requiring the addition of 3.5Kg of sugar to make 30 bottles of good quality wine.

Muntons Premium Cellar are made with pure grape juice, and some fruit juice, which makes the perfect combination. They are a well balanced home wine kit, easy to make, fast fermenting, and tastes fabulous for a budget end kit

Muntons Premium Cellar Medium Dry White 30 Bottles

Muntons Premium Cellar 30 bottles of cheeky white wine, ready in two weeks!

SORRY!! These kits are out of stock and it look slike we will not be able to get any more. We are stocking Muntons Mondego kits which are from the same factory and we think it's just a different label

Muntons Premium Cellar Medium Dry Red 30 Bottles

Munrons Premium red, a fruity red table wine for those special occasions!

Needs an extra 3.5kg of sugar

Muntons Premium Cellar Refreshing Rose 30 Bottles

The ever popular Muntons Premium Cellar rose. A pink with attitude, a rose from the garden of delights!

3o Bottles of the pink palliative, requires 3.5 Kg of sugar