The Party Rumpot!

Rum Pots- Rumtopf- Free Recipe and Rumpots for Sale!

What is a Rum Pot?

It's a decorative glazed pot that you fill with rum and fruit. 

You mix the rum and fresh fruit together and put them in the pot!

Then, some point you eat the fruit and drink the fruity rum, happy days!

They are very traditional in Germany and sometimes tun up in German restaurants. We've seen them in the German bars in Tenerife!

All rum-pots are pre-loved, but checked for chips etc. Stock changes so we usually have a few different ones  in stock- Please ask...

Most of these pots were made in Germany in the 70s or 80s- Most by Scheurich. Some by other German makes but all are the high acid resistant glaze you need for a rumpot. 



Rumpot in White 3.5 litre

3.5 litre rumpot in white

All rumpots are preloved but checked for chips or cracks!

We always have a few in stock so if you don't see what you want please ask

Rumpot in Green 3.5 litre Sorry no stock of green at the moment

One of our range of preloved rumpots

Always more in stock, please ask giving an idea of size and colour and we'll put one on the website!

Brown Tradtional Rumpot

Distinct design German Rumpot 4.5 Litres

Tiny Rumpot 1.5 Litres.. Repro make a nice decoration!

Might be Chinese or Polish

Quality is not good

Rumpot in Brown 4 Litre

Good shaped Rum pot in Brown.


Rumpot in Beige and caramel 3.5 Litres

Nice 3.5 litre rumpot in a darker beige with caramel colouring

Rumpot in Powder Blue 5 Litre

Portugese made Rumpot with hand painted design

Classic Brown 5 LitreTwo Tone Rumpot

Classin two tone urn shape

4 Litre Cream with Beige Fruit Pot

Nice cream and beige Rumpot

4 Litre Rumpot Painted with Fruit

4 Litre pot but in the shape of the 3.5 litre ones

4 Litre Pears and Grapes on Lt Brown

Nice bright 4 Litre, high glaze

Red with Pears 4 Litre Rumpot

Bright Red- Don;t get many of these. They always go fast

Nice Honey Coloured Pot 4 Litres Anchor Pottery UK

British made pot of high quality. Not seen many of these.

Nioce Green and Brown Rumpot With Fruit

4.5 Litres staright side rum pot