Youngs American Craft Ales and Beers

From Youngs U brew a range of American Craft Beers.

We're  having  the explosion of craft brewing in the UK but the Americans   had the revival before us..

They produced some interesting beers with flavour and character which is missing in most of the bland American beers we're used to!

This is a nice range of three full blooded ales with lots of hops and flavour bursting out of the box.

This range uses additional hops for an extra hop burst, that extra hoppy flavour the American ales have been full of and that we've all come to love!


Youngs A.A.A. American Amber Ale 40 Pints


Youngs Ibrew American Amber ale, 40 pints at 5.4%

Strong enough to be mans beer my son!



Uses Pacific Jade, Summit and Cluster hops in an extra foil sachet, these are pellet hops and you add them straight to the bucket!

We thinks it's suspiciously like Doom Bar that Cornish brew, slightly sweet with a floral edge. This is not a bad thing as we love Doom Bar anyway!

The Pacific Jade hops are used in the New Zealand beers and give a very distinctive hint of almost piny/fir cone aroma.



Youngs A.P.A American Pale Ale 40 Pints


Youngs i brew American PAle Ale

40 Pints at 5.6%

The first American Beer we really noticed was Sierra Nevada Pale ale and we think this is based on that

Extra Columbus and Centennial hops ina 60g foil sachet that you add direct to the bucket.

That elusive floral citrusy flavour comes stright out of the hops. This is only missing Chinook hops for a really big bag of tricks!

We'd add a few Chinook finishing hops to this one but it's still a killer, big hoppy aroma and that nice golden almost lagery colour

Youngs American IPA India Pale Ale


Youngs IBrew  American IPA or India Pale Ale

40 Pints at 6.5%


Uses SImcoe ,Centennial and Chinook hops in a 100g Foil sachet you add straight to the fermenting vessel.

Goose Island IPA seems to be the idea with this one!

Strong and with  a fruity hoppiness it's  a real real ale!

The hops are strong in this one Skywalker...

Youngs N.W.S. New World Saison Ale 40 Pints


6.3% , a strong beer with a definite spice edge.

Saisons are speciality Belgian beers strong and herby. Brewed as winter one offs and becoming popular in the UK

This is an American version with JAde and Matueka hops!

There's lemons and limes in there, a dash of old spice and a slipper. Tastes good!

Youngs O.R.R.A. American Oaked Rum Ale 40 Pints


Innis and Gunn make an oaked beer, this looks like it might just be a close call!

6.5% . Malty with that oak flavour seeping through on the over run.

The rum taste is on the afterburner, it sneaks up when you don't expect it. IF you like the Rum beers then you're going to love this!