ALcotec Top Up Extract 700ml Bottles with 215ml extract

Alcotec top up bottles for Liquers and home made alcohol

Each 700ml bottle contains 215 Ml of extract.

Just add alcohol at 20 to 50% to make a full bottle of ready labelled alcohol!

Each bottle contains the  exact amount of sugar syrup and flavouring o exactly reproduce the style of alcohol!

Easy and so simple!



Alcotec Top Up Irish Cream 210 ml to make 700ml


It's 21 ml of flavour and sugar to make a full bottle of Irish Cream.

Like a Baileys but but much cheaper of course-

This one requires 160ml of cream to make it

Alcotec Top Up Cherry Brandy 210 ml to make 700ml


Cherry Brandy, to make 70 ml .

That's a full bottle of the red demon itself!

Loved by everyone from Granny to Young Herbert!

A rich red cherry flavour!

Alcotec Top Up Coconut Rum 128 ml to make 700ml


Just add alcohol for a full 700 Ml of a certain rummy coconut drink!

Think Malibu.... Tropical islands and sunshine...

Alcotec Top Up Ameretto 212 ml to make 700ml


Almond and Apricots blended to make 700 ml of Ameretto!

Everyones favourite!

Alcotec Top Up Sambuca 215 ml to make 700ml


The clear Sambuca!

To make 700 Ml of Sambuca, a treat at any time of the day or night!

Alcotec Top Up Mississipi 96 ml to make 700ml


To make an American drink that gives comfort to all those who drink it!

Makes 700 Ml of Comfort!

Alcotec Top Up Triple Sec 299 ml to make 700ml


It's orange! Like Cointreau, a gorgeous orange peel essence sort of sweetness.

Makes 700 Ml of Triple Sec

Alcotec Top Up Black Sambuca 215 ml to make 700ml


Liquorice, Elderberry and the secret ingredient!

Black Sambuca, more flavour than the clear one, some people say it's much better!

to make 700 ml of Sambuca

Alcotec Top Up Hunter's 215 ml to make 700ml


Look at the label! You know what this is!

Jagermeister! Good with REd Bull!

Makes 700 ml