Instructions on How to Use the Smart Still

The Air cooled still from Smart Still is easy to use and simple to operate!

Use for distilling alcohol may be illegal in your country please check before using to produce alcohol

How to use the Smart Air Cooled Still to Produce Alcohol- The instructions that come with the still are not very good, hope these instructions will be a bit better!


1 Make Something Alcoholic to make a Wash


1.  Make some alcohol, or use wine, cider , beer or anything. Best and simplest is to use a Triple Still Yeast to make some cheap alcohol. We'll now tell you how to distil that cheap alcohol to make it stronger

If you've ever made wine or beer before you'll find you've got all the equipment you need!

If you haven't you'll need the basic beginners equipment kit, a triple still yeast, and some finings.

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2 Open the Box -!!


Take your smart still out of the box and it's packed in white foam stuff. Carefully check everything, there's bit's stuck down the side of the foam  and  if you lift the lid off there's a jug inside the still

Put all the bits together and have a look at them!

It should look like this! We'll explain what each bit does, keep reading!

3 Assemble the Jug


Blimey! It's so easy, just fit the handle on the jug. It slides on easy enough

While you're there put 75cl of water in the jug and mark where it comes to..

A standard bottle of wine is 75cl if you don't have a measure!

Just throw the water away as we don't need it now, we want alcohol!

4 Add the Smart Rings to The Still


Take the top off the still , you'll just have the stainless body of the still left.

Wash the inside with warm water and a bit of soap. Rinse it all off.

Open the black packet marked Smart Rings and tip them in the still.

The smart rings are reusable, after you've used the still take them out and wash them and keep them for the next time.

The smart rings stop big bubbles forming when you use the still and make the process smoother.

5 Put the Carbon Filter on The Still


This bit causes a bit of confusion.

Take the black plastic bit (The Filter) out of the packet. It will fit on the outlet of the still when you're ready.

Open the black packet marked Smart Carbon and squash the whole pack into the black plastic thing (The filter!)

Rinse the carbon through with cold water, this rinses out the loose bits of charcoal and activates the carbon.

Smart Still say that the smart carbon can be used for about three 75cl batches of alcohol, after that replace it.

If you let the carbon dry out and then rinse it with water again you can re use it! It lasts until it falls apart and all the carbon spills out. You'll find that they last for ages if you're careful...

6 Fit The Carbon Filter to The Still


Take the black plastic carbon filter, that's the bit you just put the smart carbon in!

It clips under the spout on the lid of the still.

You don't have the force it, you may have the sort of squeeze  the lugs a bit and it makes a click as it fits properley

If you put the still lid upside down on the work top you'll see how the filter fits, it goes on easy enough once you can see how it fits.

Have a look at the picture, you can see where the carbon filter goes and how it fits into the lid of the jug.

It clips on the still but just rests in the little hole in the lid of the jug!

7 Make your Alcohol!


Look inside the still, there's a small line inside about a quarter of the way down.

Fill it with home made alcohol (Either from a triple still yeast or wine, cider etc.) you've made to this mark. That's 4 litres.

Put the top back on and switch the still on.

You have to fit the kettle lead and plug it in of course!

It takes about 3 hours to start dripping through the carbon filter.

We let the first bit drip into a glass and when there's about half a desert spoon we throw that away.. It doesn't taste good and may have some bits we don't want!

Now put the plastic  jug under the carbon filter and leave to drip until it reaches the 75 cl mark.

That's it! You've made alcohol at about 50%!

Turn the still off, remove the jug with your lovely alcohol in it and leave the still to cool for a bit.

Take lid off the still.

Throw the stuff left in the still away, it tastes and smells horrible and there's no alcohol in it!

You can check how strong the alcohol you made is by using an Alcohol Hydrometer.

It's best if you dilute the alcohol with a bit of water, if you add enough water to make it up to a litre you'll find it's about 40% which is ok for most things!