Discontinued by Manufacturer--No Longer available Sorry


House of Hambleton sauvignon Blanc 30 Bottle only a few left

Soft and fruity, growing in popularity. A big favourite in the shop.

House of Hambleton White Rioja 30 Bottle discontinued sorry

Very Robust white wine, Rioja is more commonly a red but the white is not to be missed!

It can be a strong flavoured wine, the best come from Northern Spain and are cold fermented to maintain freshness of taste.

House of Hambleton Riesling 30 Bottle DISCONTINUED

Medium Dry white wine making 30 bottles of classic  wine. One of most popular wines in the Uk for the last 40 years.

Refreshing and slightly fruity.

Muntons Country Wines Six Bottle Blackberry Red Wine Kit DISCONTINUED

Red wine with the rich taste of blackberries. Always one of the great country wine favourites.


You get a tin of  good quality grape concentrate ,complete with yeast , finings and stabiliser and flavour. When the wine is made you add the fruit flavour/concentrate that comes with the kit this gives a fresh fruity exotic summery  taste!

Muntons Mondego Essential Six discontinued Bottle Light Dry White Wine Kit

A dry wine which has German wine type flavour

Muntons Mondego Essential discontinued Six Bottle Sweet White

A nice full bodied sweet wine.   It's got a slight flavour of honey and is gorgeous drunk very cold, or even with ice in it!

Boots Filter Pads pack of 6 DISCONTINUED

SORRY THESE HAVE NOW BEEN DISCONTUED- It's been about 15 years since Boots made them !

Yes!! These fit the old Boots filter! Yours will have Boots written on it and look a bit like the one above!