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We sell fermenters of every size from demi john to 500 litres!

Demijohns, Conicals ,Buckets and Fermenters

Every size we can think of, you need it? We got it!

If you need it for your home brew we have it! Lots of different sizes from the small home brew size to the micro brewer. We also have lots of stainless,  We never like to call anything a bucket in homebrew, it's a fermenter. Buckets are for horrible things and gardens, we don't put our nice wine and beer in a bucket!

There's lots of different fermenters and everyone has an opinion on them, here's our selection, we think these are the best. Lots of useful brew kit!

Demi John Tags-Pack of 10

Re-use able plastic demi john tags

Demi John Glass-Collection only!

Glass 1 gallon/4,5 litre demi john. Collection Only


Demi John Plastic One Gall/4.5 litre

4.5 Litre Demi John in plastic

Small open top fermenter/bucket food grade. 2 gall/12 litres

A small food grade plastic bucket.

Bucket 6 gallon /30 Litres Incl Grommet for Airlock

A nice big bucket for fermenting  a five gallon/40 pint beer kit.

30 Litre/5 Gall bucket with tap

6 gallon so it will take a 5 gallon kit or brew.

Stainless Fermenter Screw Top including tap and screw lid

Look at these! stainless steel fermenters in two sizes and they are gorgeous

11 Litre Glass Fermenter Incl Bung And Airlock

A nice glass fermenter in a useful 11 Litre size

23 Litre/5 US Gallon Glass Fermenter with bung and airlock

23Litre/5 Gallons.

Carboy Handle

A handle for your carboy.

New Type 27 Ltr/6 Gall Clear Fermenter including airlock

These are good but..WARNING - Will melt if you use boiling water!

6 Gall/30 litre Opaque/Wide Neck White Fermenter including bung and airlock

Six gallon to ferment a 5 gallon/25 ltr. kit.

5 Gall Bucket Plain- No grommet

Plain food grade six gallon bucket .

Bottling Bucket 30 Litres/6 Gallon with airlock and Filling Wand

Fast Ferment Plastic Conical Fermenters Basic Model - 30 Litre

These are brilliant!

Fast Ferment Plastic Conical Fermenter Luxury Model

Same as the basic model but with extras!

Fast Ferment Jacket

The FastFerment Jacket-

Helps cooling and heating

Fast Ferment System Spares and Extras

Spares and  extras for the fast Ferments System

55 Litre Stainless Fermenting Vessels with Stainless Ball Cock Taps

Very nice size  55 Litre Stainless fermenters with a dust lid and a tap

Stainless Screw Neck Fermenters

250 Litre Stainless Fermenter Boiler

We've got these in stock, they're excellent quality

and come with stainless taps and stainless dust lids

Big Screw Neck Heavy Duty Plastic Fermenting Vessels 30 to 210 Litres

Food grade, dense plastic heavy gauge fermenters.