Bulldog Brews Premium Beer Kits

It doesn't get any better- A new range of wonderful beer kits for you!

From Hambleton Bard and badged as Bulldog beer kits, might be confused with Brew DoG!

Fast on the  heels of the new Festival kits comes these beauties!

We're knocked out! We've got so many good kits it's going to take us months to try them all!

All packed in the  new plastic pouches so there's a great variety of malts.


Bulldog Brews Yule Brew. Cinnamon and Ginger Ale 40 Pints


FEstive brews from Bulldog!

40 pints of Yule Brew!

Falvoured with cinnamon and Ginger for that Dickensian happy Tiny TIm of a brew!

5.6% and a nice amber coloured ale

Bulldog Brews Raja's Reward India Pale Ale 40 Pint/23 Litres


We thought this was a lager, but it's more of an ale.

Bulldog brews premium beer kit

We thought it was going to a like a Cobra, it certainly bit us after about six pints but it is a well bittered blonde ale.

We love the really pale bitter beers and it just hit the spot! Not that there's owt wrong with Cobra!

A classic pale bitter  4.5%

Uses Goldings and Fuggles hops

Bulldog Brews Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitter 40 Pint/23 Litres


Pennine Peak, Copper coloured 40 pints of Peak District goodness

3.3kg needs no sugar

Round here we think of the Peak District as Derbyshire, don't know why they moved it to Yorkshire.

40 pints of a Tetley style bitter. That old Tetleys that had a fruitiness with it. That wonderful deep bitter taste with a real creamy head. Eeee, lad tha knows it's Yorkshire when beer gets this good.


4.7% Uses Goldings and Fuggles hops

Bulldog Brews Triple Tykes Export Ale Ale 40 Pint/23 Litres

Triple Tykes 40 Pints Export bitter.4.00 Kg Malt

They do produce some excellent ales in Yorkshire. Why do they call them Tykes? Supposed to be from the  dogs they always have with them, little Terriers called tykes. What's that to do with beer? Now a beer called "Old Peculiar" that I understand!

It does have a taste of Old Peculiar with that fruitiness and a hint of sweetness. Nicely bittered and not too harsh.

Uses Target and Goldings hops 5.4% so be careful!

Bulldog Brews Cobnar Wood Northern Brown Ale 40 Pint/23 Litres

Cobnar Wood Northern Brown Ale

Well bittered and a deep colour, not like  the old fashioned brown ales but almost a mild colour. Nutty with malts and just a hint of chocolate coming off the roated malts.

It has a full bitterness so it's not a mild, bit like a Newkie Brown with that finish and really big taste. We can remember a night in Newcastle but we can't remember how it ended except it all went wrong... That was Newkie Brown.. Be warned, you'll end up on the  wrong side of the river with no money and wearing a black and white scarf.

Fuggles hops  and 4.8%


Bulldog Brews Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza 40 Pint/23 Litres


Cortez Gold from Bulldog Brews 3.0 Kg

40 pints of Mexican Madness

Try it with a slice of lime, best served cold and in a desert. Try it with Burritos or a pack of those nachos and dip from Tesco's. Beware of Mexican bandidos who may come knocking on your door asking for a pint of your beer...

We loved it, and there's a free Mexican accent with every kit! " Hey Gringo, I bought youra seester a cactus drink, I'm a going to keel her! " Tequila! geddit?

Saaz and Cascade Hops 4.3%

Bulldog Brews Hammer of Thor Special Lager 40 Pint/23 Litres


Hammer of Thor from Bulldog Brews 4.0 kg

40 pint home brew lager kit

It's strong, golden and blonde with a good body. That'll do for me!

A clean bite with a refreshing maltiness, light on the palate with bags of Nordic flavour.

It's a bit strong, at 6% you need to handle it carefully. Uses Saaz and Hallertau hops so its got a real Scandinavian taste. You might need a few of the Viking Marauders that drink this one to fight off the  Mexican Bandido's that escaped from the Cortez Gold!

It says special lager and it means it, possibly the  best lager kit we've ever made...

Four Fingers Jack American Pale Ale 40 Pints


Bulldog Brews Four Finger Jack. American Pale Ale.

4.6% 23 Litres American craft beer kit

Uses  American Centennial and Zeus hops for a really authentic craft beer taste.

Fourty pints of a pale well bittered beer. We used to think all American beers were terrible, a lot of them still are but they have discovered flavour at last!

Four finger Jack is full bodied and ripped with extra bitter hops, you can almost taste ham fingered gangsters on tommy guns, or red necks in the bayou..

A great addition to the range!


Evil Dog Double IPA American Craft Beer Kit 40 Pints


Evil Dog Double IPA American craft beer kit from Bulldog Brews

7.1 %  40 pints/23 Litres

7.1 %!! You have got to be barking mad to drink this, or you will be after 4 pints!

Uses Simcoe and Centennial hops, very pale but intensely bitter.

We love strong beers, we just can't drink much of them! It's a superb pint, the Americans drink these beers in small bottles or small glasses, be careful when you hit it by the pint! Make sure you don't get bitten by Evil Dog.

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

A bit like a certain Brew Dog IPA...


Strawberry Pale Ale Craft Beer Kit 40 Pints23 Litres


Oh Wow!! Look at this! strawberries and beer!

Heaven in a glass...4.5% Alcohol.

As you'd expect, Citra hops for that lemony bust, pale colour to let the fruit flavour through and a good bitter edge! The strawberries clean and fresh on the nose and the palate.. Oh, it's good!

What more can you say, how could you criticise such a thing!

Just try it!

Well on teeny weeny criticism ... it's got a sort of pink colour about it...But we're just being picky...

Bulldog BrewsEaster Brew Chocolate Stout 40 Pint/23 Litres


6% Bulldog Brews limited edition winner goes full time!

Started out as a part time worker but this Chocolate Egg of a beer is now on the daily menu!

1055 Og dark, mysterious with chocolate flavouring not just a choccy colour!

Sovereign hops for a punch on the bitterness.

Like all this range there's additional hops for that extra fresh hop flavour, add that chocolate finish and it's a bit of a taste beast feast.

One sip and you're done for, that's the pint gone, then the next... Seriuos stuff for the chocoholics!

Bad Cat Imperial Red Craft Beer Kit 40 Pints 23 Litres


Bad Cat Imperial Red

A huge 7.5% makes this a mean cat!

A cross between an imperial stout and a pale ale gives a red beer!

Amerillo and Williamette hops for citrus and lemon flavours, it's burstin with hops and that 7.5 % means a few pints will have you on the floor with the dog.Your partner will have kittens ..The cat will just look on in disgust, oh you bad cat!!