Magnum Wine Kits

Yep, the famous Magnum kits  from Hambleton Bard.

One of the most popular home brew kits on the market, 

  We always  have it. You'll never run out of your favourite home brew again.

Wine making was never as easy as this. Home brew the Magnum way!

Magnum, the home brew big gun!

Magnum home made wine kits come in Red White or Rose, keeping it simple means the price is kept low!  if  you want is good cheap wine then it's got to be Magnum!

Magnum Medium Dry White 30 Bottles


The best selling white wine kit in the world! 30 bottles of medium dry white wine! 

Magnum whit wine kits are easy and fast, they're fast selling and easy to make.

Everyone loves them, they are the best of the budget kits!

Magnum Pinot Grigio 30 Bottle White


Yes!! Now the fabulous Magnum wines are available in a Pinot Grigio!

The all time classic white wine in a Magnum!

Nice clean, flinty white wine, medium dry with a crisp edge

Magnum Pinot Grigio, fast and easy! The worlds best selling home brew kit!

Magnum Red 30 Bottles


Fruity red , 30 bottles of French style wine!

Fast fermenting and quick to clear.

Magnum sells fast, it's the best budget wine kit, no frills no fuss, just 30 bottles of wine!

Magnum Medium Dry Rose 30 Bottles


Ever popular Rose, like a famous Portugese Rose!

30 Bottles of loveliness at a great price