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Premium Beer Kits

Over £20.00

3Kg All Malt Require no Sugar

 Quality Beer Kits

14.99 to 19.99

 1.8  or 1.7 Kg of malt

Standard Quality Kits 

 £9.99 to £14.99 

1.5 Kg of Malt


Imported Beer Kits  and

"Dry Country" Kits



Cider Kits



Milestone Brewery

Brewmaker Premium 1.8 Beer Kits


Geordie Beer and Ale Kits 



Coopers Lagers and Ales

Premium Quality ales and lagers




Muntons Premium Cider




Woodfordes Quality Beer Making Kits

Muntons Connoisseurs


Master Pint Micro Brewery Beer Cheapest Kits!




Hambleton Bard Dry Kits. Perfect for export to  dry countries


 Magnum Ciders The Most Popular 



Brupaks Yorkshire Beers


Better Brew Premium Beer Kits  



Brewbuddy Beer Kits


Tooeys Great Tasting Beer Kits From Australia


Fruit Ciders!

Strawberry, Raspberry limes.. Blueberry..


 Festival beer kits new and wonderful!

 John Barleycorn

Simply Beer Kits

 Simply Gluten Free Beer Kits 


 Brewmaker Essential -The most popular budget beer 


Brew Buddy Budget Cider Kits

Muntons Gold Beer KIts 3Kg Malt

Edme and Caxton



Brewmaker Essential Popular1.5Kg Kit






Brewferm Stunning range of Belgium beers


 Finlandia Cider 



St Peters Brewery


Better Brew Premium Beer Kits  



Youngs Harvest Kits



Barley Wines

There's only a few barley wines-This page links to them all 

Black Rock Cider 





Muntons Premium Gold and  the NEW!! Hand Crafted Beers!

Coopers Lagers and Ales

Premium Quality ales and lagers


  Brewferm Imported Stunning range of Belgium beers

Black Rock

Beer and Lager kits



Ginger Beer

 NEW Youngs American Craft Beers- Over 3Kg of Malt  These are our Custom Extract Brews and require a bit of Boiling Developed by us for a really special brew!

 Simply Beer Kits



 Hambleton 1.5Kg Beer Kits 


 One Gallon/Six Bottle Beer kits for those who would like to make a small quantity of beer

 Youngs Fruit Ciders



Bupaks Ultimate Beer kits



 Courage Directors

 John Bull Beer Kits



 Bulldog Blends

These are so good! Beer just gets better and better


 Cwtch Welsh Beer Kits


 Muntons 1.5 Kg Beer Kits

  Brew Buddy Cider Kits