Cellar 7 Wine Kits

Cellar 7 Day wine kits from Youngs

Based on grape juice concentrates and needing no extra sugar, budget wine kits with a good quality.

Cellar 7 are popular, easy to make and taste good!

Thirty bottles in seven days, they are quick and very easy.


Cellar7 Pinot Grigio 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

Pinot Grigio, Cellar 7. £00 Bottle white

Cellar 7 Malbec 30 Bottle Red Wine KitProduct 2123

Malbec from Cellar 7- The New boy!

Cellar7 Sauvignon Blanc 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

Sauvignon Blanc. White wine from cellar7

Cellar7 Chardonnay 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

Cellar7 Chardonnay- The most popular

Cellar7 30 Bottle Merlot Red Wine Kit

30 Bottles of Cellar 7 Merlot

Cellar7 Cabernet Sauvignon 30 Bottle Red Wine Kit

Cabernet Sauvignon, the favourute red. Cellar 7

Cellar7 Shiraz 30 Bottle Red Wine Kit

 Cellar 7 Shiraz, 30 bottle fruity red

Cellar7 Merlot Blush 30 Bottle Rose Wine Kit

Blush, Rose? Both the same as far as we can see

Cellar 7 Summer Berries Rose Wine 30 Bottles

Youngs Cellar 7 Summer Berries Fruit Wine

Cellar 7 White Peach and Mango 30 Bottles

30 Bottles of white wine from cellar with peach and mango

Cellar 7 Raspbery and Cassis Red Wine 30 Bottles

Cellar 7 extend the range! Raspberry and Cassis

Cellar 7 Italian Red 30 Bottle Red

An Italian Red from Cellar 7