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Books on Beer and Winemaking

Loads of wine making and beer making books.

Everything you ever needed to know about homebrew and related stuff is here

Books are being replaced by the steady release of information on the web, they still have a place though.

We have to be really honest here and say some of the best books for beer making are the Camra books which we can't buy at  decent price so you're better getting them off Amazon



130 New Winemaking Recipes-CJJ Berry

Most of these recipes  were sent in by readers of the old Amateur Winemaker magazine.

It's a bit quirky but there are some interesting recipes.

Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy

Dave Line -n.

Lots of mashing recipes, a few non mash but you will need a boiler and a mash tun!

It's a bit Old School but still useful and popular, lots of the breweries and beers have merged and changed their beers but these are the recipes for the seventies real ales and beers before they messed about them


First Steps In Winemaking-C JJ Berry


Used to be called the bible, still a good book. Lots of recipes and useful tips and instructions on country wines.

Real Cidermaking on a Small Scale- New

New Book

How to make cider and nice instructions on how to make a press

The BIg Book of Brewing- Dave Line

New book

By Dave Line- The first really good book on mashing techniques and still good reading.

It helps to read a few books on the subject, this ones a bit old now but still got lots of good stuff in it

Growing Vines to Make Wines

Useful book on growing grapes in the UK, cover planting tp pruning and some stuff on bottling and aging

Making Wines Like Those You Buy

Brian Acton and Peter Duncan, lovely recipes, they use a lot of fruit and are much more complicated than the recipes you'll find on the internet . But they do produce good home made country wines

Homebrewed Beers and Stouts

LOts of malt extract recipes, easy to follow.

Bit old fashioned now but they do work

Home Distilling BY Gert Strand

A very comprehensive guide to distilling at home.

It gets a bit technical and you don't really need it with the small airstills.

If you want to know more about the subject it is essential