Re-useable Cubitainers, Wine Bags and Polypins

Plastic bags in a box to keep your beer or wine!

Collapsible and re usable, cheap and easy way to store and serve wine and beer!

5 Litre Cubitainer/Polypin Wine/BeerRe usable


Several sizes of poly pin. Re usable

Collapse as you drink the beer/wine to keep the air out

 Poly pins or cubitainers are collapsible plastic liners inside a cardboatd box.

Perfect for beer or wine.

They will take a small amount of pressure so are perfect for low pressure dispense of real ale.

You have to keep an eye on them or they will burst if they build up too much pressure. You can tell because they start to swell up like little fat pigs. You've either got to drink it or let the gas out at that point!

Wine Boxes 5 Litre

A collapsible re usable wine/cider box

Comes flat packed, easy to put together, reusable, refillable.

Takes a gallon/5 litres of wine.

Not suitable for beer as it's not made for pressure but ok for still cider