Solomon Grundy Seven Day Fruit Wine Kits- Six Bottle

Started on a Monday drunk by Sunday! Solomon Grundy from Ritchie Products the home of lots of good things!

These are lovely little six bottle fruit wine kits. Easy and simple to make. They taste good and clear fast.

They have a good following, especially the Bilberry!


Solomom Grundy Cabernet Sauvignon Six Bottle

Six Bottle Wine kit from Solomon Grundy

Nice fruity red in a six bottle kit from Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy Medium Dry Red Six Bottle Wine Kit

Solomon Grundy six bottle wine kit.

Solomon Grundy Chardonnay Six Bottle wINE kIT

Six Bottle Solomon Grundy

SOlomon Grundy Medium Dry White Six Bottle

Solomon Grundy Medium Dry White

Rose Solomon Grundy Six Bottle

Six Bottle Rose Kit From Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy Piesporter SIx Bottle Wine Kit

Solomon Grundy Six Bottle
Fruit Wines

Solomon Grundy 6 Bottle Bilberry Red Wine

Solomon Grundy, Six bottle bilberry

Gorgeous, fruity and deep red. Like drinking a bilberry tart. Absolutely stunning with ice and very cold, good at room temperature as well.

Can you tell it's our favourite in the  range?

We've turned a lot of people in the shop onto this hidden gem! Now you can try it as well, if you don't like it just phone us up and we'll come round and drink it for you!


Fruit Wines

Solomon Grundy 6 Bottle Peach White Wine

Solomon Grundy Peach , Six bottles.

Yummy peaches in alcohol! It's the one the supermarkets always have in stock. Possibly the  most popular fruit wine and always sells well.

We like this one cold as well.. Best made with  a bit of the sweetness still in it. We make it dry and then sweeten it with  sugar. There's stabilisers with the kit so it won't start fermenting again. Try adding a spoonful of sugar to glass of peach wine and see what we mean!

Fruit Wines

Solomon Grundy 6 Bottle Elderflower White Wine

Six bottle Solomon Grundy Elderflower

Elderflowers are the small white flowers you see in May. You'll see bushes that are covered in them.

They make excellent cordial and there's recipe for making your own wine from the flowers on recipe page!

It's much easier to buy this kit though! Elderflower has a distinctive bouquet and taste, it's all on it's own and when it's good there's not much to beat it!

Fruit Wines

Solomon Grundy 6 Bottle Apricot White Wine

Solomon Grundy Six Bottle Apricot
Apricot wine, you already know what apricots taste like! The wine tastes like ripe apricots! Like all these wines it's best a touch sweet side of medium. It 's nice dry however! Apricot wine is must try!
Fruit Wines

Solomon Grundy 6 Bottle Elderberry Red Wine

Solomon Grundy Elderberry Six Bottle Red Wine

Elderberry is the best of the red fruits for wine making! They've used it for hundreds of years. You can buy dried Elderberries across most of Europe and their main use is for wine making.

It makes a full bodied rich fruity red, once you've drank Elderberry you're spoiled for red wine ever after.

Fruit Wines

Solomon Grundy 6 Bottle Cherry Red Wine

Solomon Grundy Cherry Six Bottle

Cherry Wine, sounds great, tastes fabulous! A few people complain it tastes like cough medicine! That's because they use cherry flavours in cough medicine because it's such a good taste!

Cherry wine tastes like cherries, alcoholic cherries,soused in good wine and left to soak for a few weeks. Once you open the bottle and you drink the lot, be warned! It tastes good and finishing a bottle is no problem, opening another bottle is easy too...

Fruit Wines

Solomon Grundy 6 Bottle Strawberry Rose Wine

Six Bottles of Solomon Grundy Strawberry Wine

Mmmm, strawberries! It's so good we don't even need to tell you! You like strawberries, you like wine! Easy! Make strawberry wine.

Why even think about it, you know it's going to be good! We like to drop a scoop of ice cream in the wine and then drink it, you may need the  help of a spoon!

Strawberry wine and ice cream... You know you're going to do it!