Beer Ingredients and Accessories

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 Ingredients for Beer Making    

Grain-Crystal, Malted and Crushed

 Hops-Foil Packed and Loose

 Yeast Dried

 Yeast Liquid

 Malt Extracts -Dried and Liquid

 Sugars and Beer Enhancers

 Dried Fruits , Spices and Herbs

 Ginger Beer

 Finishing Hops -Small Packs to enhance beer

 Cleaners and Sterilisers

 Assorted Chemicals -Irish Moss - Water Treatments

Hop Pellets

  Bottling and   Barrels - Crown Cappers and Gas


 Capping Machines and Crown Caps

  Bottles,  Bottle Washers and Drainers

 Bottle Brushes Big and Small

 Syphons, Tubes and Bottling Machines

   Barrels, Gas, Valves and Spares

 Cornelius Stainless Barrels and spares

 Gas Co2 and No2

 Demi John Bungs and Airlocks

Mashing Equipment Stainless, Buckets . Jugs and Brushes - Everything Else!



 Mashing and Boiling Equipment

  Demi Johns Buckets and Big Fermenters

 Jugs Funnels and spoons

 Brewers Ephemera and Interesting Stuff

The Grainfather System and Accessories

 Heaters- Brewbelts and Pads

  Hydrometers Thermometers and test Equipment

  Bungs and Airlocks

 Mashing Equipment and Microbrewery Stuff

 Stainless Steel Boilers and Mash Tuns

 Hats-Our very own hat!

 Books..A selection of the stock. Lots of used books in the shop

  Cubitainers and Polypins   PH Papers    Filters  

Brushes-Big ones and Little Ones

 Stainless Steel Fermenting Vessels

MIlk Churn Type

 Taps Spiles Cask Accessories and Cellar Equipment  Bulldog Brewer- Craft Brewing System