Essences and air still
The still and essences on display in the shop!

Stills, Turbo Klar, Turbo Yeasts, Triple Still Yeasts everything for the still! It's all here.

Instructions on how to use the air still here




Table Top Air Still--BIG SPECIAL OFFER!! Further 5% at check out!!

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Still Beginners Kit Complete

A complete beginners kit for the smart air still

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Table Top Smart Still-Air Cooled Still

Instructions for the Air Still

T 500 Turbo Stills and Accessories

Still Spirits Top Shelf Distilling Conditioner

Anti Foam Agent- Defoaming Deconditioner.

Add to still to help stop foaming during distillation.

Alcotec Triple Still Yeast Makes 25 Litres

Alcotec Triple Still Yeast- No 1 choice For the Air Still

Alcotec Vodka Star Turbo Yeast MAkes 25 Litres

Vodka Star - Clean ferment yeast

Alcotec24 - 24 Hour Turbo Yeast Makes 25 Litres

Very fast fermenting yeast.  14% in 24 hours!

Alcotec 48 Turbo Yeast makes 25 Litres

Will ferment 14% Alcohol in 48 hours

Alcotec 23% Turbo Yeast makes 25 Litres

Popular 23% Turbo Yeast

Alcotec 24 Hour Turboklar Finings For 25 Litres

Extremely fast 24 hour fining pack.For beer wine or still wash!

Glucose Sugar in 25 kg bags

Click on the picture>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!

Alcotec Activated Liquid Carbon/Charcoal for 25 Litres

Alcotec activated carbon in a liquid

Karbon Activated Carbon Granular 0.4 to 1.4mm

A bag of activated charcoal granules

0.4 to 1.4mm  for water purification or the cleaning of distilled alcohol

About 800g or 1.7 litres

Pure Karbon Activated Carbon Granular 0.4 to .85mm

Activated granular charcoal in bulk, 0.4 to .85

1.7 litres

For general purification use-This appears to be the  most common one!

Ezfilter Filter System 11 litre

The Ezfilter filter system. For filtering spirits

Raschig Rings 1Kg

A litre bag of Raschig rings

Spare Gasket for Lid of Still

It's the big white/clear gasket that goes under the lid. They do go after a time.

Home Distillation Handbook

A Book on Distilling by Ola Norman

Standard Alcohol Hydrometer 0 to 100%

For testing distilled liquor- The easiest to use

Alcohol Hydrometer 75 to 100%

A small range thermometer allows for accurate  temperature  reading.


Air Still Mini Distillery Kit Extra 5% discount at checkout!

The Still Spirits Mini Air Distillery KIt

Complete compact  kit to make a wash and then distil it-