butlers wine kit

Butler The Connoisseur's 30 Bottle Wine Kits

Made by Ritchie products, a reliable 30 bottle range of budget wine kits.

 We call them Billy Butlers. They used to be called Kwik Kits.

Fruit and grape juice based kits, they need extra sugar.Most of them need 3.5 Kg of sugar.

Also known as Connoisseurs. They are the last of the old school wine kits


The Vermouth Bianco is worth a mention, it's 17% and very good!



Most of this range has been discontinued by the manufacturer- We just have the Hock and the Prem Crus

Solomon Grundy offer some alternatives here

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Butler 30 Bottle Caves Du Rhon Red

French style Rhone wine, like the full bodied reds with a hint of raspberries!

When it came out about 20 years ago we all went mad for it. It's still a pleasant wine, a kind of woodland fruitiness

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Butler 30 Bottle Premier Crus Rich Red

Still has a following, a pleasant red with a good flavour and character.

It's the best of the reds in this range, they use a bit of bilberry juice in th emix to give it an edge.

Sherry, Port, Vermouths, High Alcohol and Liqeuers

Butler The Connoiseur's 30 Bottle Vermouth Bianco White

It's like a Cinzano style drink and is very good. In fact it's the best one on the market!

Made by Ritchie products in their The Connoisseur's range

Sherry, Port, Vermouths, High Alcohol and Liqeuers

Butlers 30 Bottle Pale Aperitif

Made with grains and raisins and a sachet of flavouring. It's a bit of messing about but is the best sherry on the market!

Used to be called Sherry, but they changed the name.