Festival Premium Beer/Ale Kits

Oh Boy!! A really good range of the beer we all want to drink! Festival Premium Ales from Ritches

How good are these? they are staggeringly good, so good we think they are the best beer kits we've ever seen.

You have got to try them! We're full of praise, the Festival Range is exactly the beers we like to drink and they taste   stupendous! Don't just take our word for it try some of these bad boys today!


Bitters and Ales

Festival Pilgrims Hope Ale 40 Pints 5% 3.5 Kg

Festival Pilgrims Hope, 40 pints of tawny ale.

A lovely gorgeous craft ale Surrey style beer

A darker ale, a nice deep copper colour. Uses additional Target and Summit hops.

This was Peter's first choice and he says it's spot on, it reminds him of weekends in Surrey drinking at small pubs with big fires and even bigger pies. Driving in an open topped MR2 drinking traditional English ale at it's very best.

It's Godalming good beer and you won't be Woking up with a Leatherhead . So get your hand in your Bagshot get your Tongham round a   Dorking good pint of Godstone(Gods own! geddit?)  beer!

5% And a full 40 pints dark full bodied bitter



Bitters and Ales

Festival Father Hooks Best Bitter 40 Pints 3Kg 4.5%

Festival Father Hooks Best Bitter- 40 pints of a light amber ale

Uses additional Bramling Cross and Columbus Hops.  4.5% 3 Kg

Father Hook, what a nice chap he must have been! It's a sort of medium bitter with a big malty flavour, slightly orangey in colour.

These beers are so good who wouldn't play hooky from school and go off an nab a few jars!

This is my favourite, for me it's driving a Renault 4 and staying in pubs with the beer in a barrel on the bar. First time I ever saw an air rifle shooting competition in a pub...Actually it was the only time, pubs in rural Oxfordshire with great oak beams and dogs sleeping in the corner. Proper pubs... Eeeee!

I'm off home to knock a few back right now!

Bitters and Ales

Festival Landlords Finest Bitter 40 Pints 4.3% 3 Kg

Festival Landlords Finest Bitter 40 Pints

Light Amber ale with a glow!

A well hopped bitter with additional Celia and Admiral Hops.

Blimey ! A beer so famous you can taste it... And it's very very good. A bit fruity with that big long malty edge with the burst of hops. We love this one as well...

This one is more Yorkshire in character, think Land Rover and gun dog. Last of the Summer wine, joining Compo Cleggy and Foggy in a pub above Holmfirth and settling in for a night of inconsequential banter..

Walking the moors after a few lunchtime slurps, pork pies and pickled onions. Sneaking off with Marina for a quick half.

We love Last of the Summer Wine almost as much as we love the beer!


Bitters and Ales

Festival Golden Stag Summer Ale 40 Pints 4.5 % 3Kg

Festival Golden Stag Summer Ale 40 pints of bitter Golden ale!


It's that citrusy pale golden beer that we all love,

Uses additional; Cascade and Columbus hops

Pale golden ale, it reminds us of Badgers, summery and bursting with hops. Bitter and refreshing, citrus, mangoes and lemons.

These new pale beers are superb, home brew has lagged behind a bit but we're catching up!

Golden Stag, Dorset to West Sussex, pints of frothing golden ale in every pub. Well hopped with citrus flavours and a tart hello with every beer. Foamy white head on the beer and a full nose of hops. We're not talking tourist beers of Bournemouth or Weymouth we're into the serious drinking ales of Puddletown or Lytchett Matravers-I had to look them up on Google! They're real and they're in Dorset!

Enjoy joining us in everyone's favourite!

Bitters and Ales

Festival Old Suffolk Strong Ale 40 pints 4 kg 6%

Old Suffolk Strong Ale 6%

A darker Old Ale style beer

Additional Hops Boadicea

Another Suffolk stunner! Dark ale with an intensity of flavour that we really liked! At 6% it ain't no session ale, four pints of it floored us but it was worth it!

It's a bit deceptive because it doesn't taste that strong, it's a sneaky beer that goes down easy and wallops you when you're not expecting it.

The hops pierce through the slightly sweet flavour and balance it perfectly, the second one goes down better than the first...Then the third..

This is  the stuff they drink in Grundisburgh, Rogham and Eye...It's possibly why they talk in such a strange accent..

Stout and Guinness

Festival Pride of London Porter 40 Pints 3.6k 5.2%

Festival Pride of London Porter

40 Pints Dark 5.2% Porter- Medium bitterness , dark and almost stout like

Dark full bodied with a sweetness but still bitter uses additional Target hops

We drank those dark heavy beers when were in out twenties and are rediscovering them. We've missed them!

We're all drinking those light golden beers and these dark beers are the dogs! So much flavour off the malts, treacle, parkin, catherine wheels and rip raps. Smoky bonfire nights of real  ale with a rocket of bitterness.

A bumper bundle of Roman candles firing flavours into your mouth, each one has a slight smoke edge, beer to drink and enjoy, perhaps a bit more slowly than the rest!

This one kept getting better as it aged, it might get even better at a month old, we don't know, it didn't last that long.. Tell us if you manage to keep it that long


Bitters and Ales

Festival Razorback IPA 40 Pints 3.6 Kg 5.7%

How much better can better get! A new new boy! Festival Razorback ale

We're all bursting to try any new blonde beers, summer ales with that real burst of fruity hoppiness. That pine woods freshness that steps out and punches you right in the nose with a hop uppercut.

That's fighting talk and this beer is in the  ring with the best, it's a ten round heavyweight punching well above it's weight at 5.7%! 

A razorback is a wild American pig, don't know why you'd call your beer after a pig but it sounds right! It's also the name of a dodgy Australian film!

So get yourself a pint of Razorback and get grappling with the best of British beers!

Hops Simcoe, Centennial and Summit         5.7%

IPA and American Craft Beers, Pale Ales

Festival Endeavours Pale Ale 5%SOrry SOld out!! Wait for the next one now!!

Limited edition so move fast! ALL GONE SORRY!!

A gorgeous 5% of Inspector Morse's favourite tipple!

If beer was a car then this is a red Jaguar, a copper coloured pint of refreshing loveliness. There's no bad boys in the Festival range, this ones on the side of the good guys, don't let it get away . Catch one today and give it a hard two weeks ferment and punish it severley. We recommend about four pints worth of punishment in an evening

Uses Galena hops, a bitter beer at 5%. A slight taste of peanuts and a distinct hop flavour

Festival Endeavours Pale Ale 40 Pints SORRY SOLD OUT

It's back! Endeavours Pale Ale from festival


Endeavour, with a touch of Morse or possible a the high seas. it's a full 5% of a coppery flowery bitter.

Strong enough to hold it's own in a BBC bar and light enough to fit in with the most discerning bitter drinkers.

It's not one of the washed out blonde beers, it has a light copper colour and decent creamy head but th euse of Galena hops and Elderflowers gives it a decent hoppy edge.

Perhaps a touch of the open countryside coming from the elderflowers, and a bit of the earthiness from the toffee malts-- Get it while you can!

Festival World Beers Vienna Red Lager

5%   40 Pints, Festival Vienna Red Lager

3.5 Kg of Malts

A red coloured lager, of course!

Made with Hallertau and Brewers Gold hops with a lager flavour but a reddy/copper colour.

It's a bit peachy with those slight woody after tones you get in the Vienna beers.

Well bittered!

Festival World Beers US Steam Beer

Festival US steam beer 40 Pints at 5%

LIght and almost a lager in colour but bittered with Northern Brewer hops so a classic real ale.

Steam is the lovely hiss sound when the bottle opens and a bit of "Steam" escapes. Although there are other explanations! They can't all be right, you might as well accept this one.

It uses the caramel malts for a bit of toffee and caramel on the finish!

Who remembers Newquay Steam Beer made by the Cornish Brewers in the 80's? A gorgeous beer and this does remind us of it!

Festival World Beers Begian Dubbel

32 Pints at 7.2%

Festival Belgian Dubbel- Dark beer

7.2%, don't mess about with this one!

Lots of that fruitcake and chocolate tastes in there, plummy and rich. WIth that dark edge of the Belgian underworld,

strong and muscly.

Goldings hops as a single hop for the intensity of the experience!

Festival World Beers Belgian Pale Ale

5.5 % to make 40 Pints of Belgian Pale Ale

LAger looking but that's a bit of lure to get you in, a big malt  beer with that alluring spicyness that the Belgians seem to inject in their classic beers

There's a bit of the banana taste, not overpowering , just enough to bring out the nose

We love the big Belgian beers

Festival World Beers New Zealand Pilsner

5% to Make 40 Pints

New Zealand Pilsner

Pacific Jade and Pacific Gem hops, the real taste of New Zealand. All that passion fruit and melon tastes that come straight from the Pacific hops.

A golden beer, no messing about, this is an old school lager with the edginess of New Zealand!

Bitter and clean, a lager for real beer drinkers,  a delight to drink !

Why are Festival Premium Kits So Good?

They're made by Ritchie products in Burton on Trent. Ritchie's are one of the  oldest hands in the homebrew game, they have the expertise and knowledge to produce  the best kits!

We've taken the stuff out of the  box so you can see what's inside.. This is the Pilgrims hope, they're all very similar!

First off --The malt is is in bags, there's only one canning plant in the UK so that limits the types of canned malt that can be made. By using bags smaller production runs can be made and different malts can be used- This means malts from different maltsters, different flavours,much more choice. Lots of different and excellent beers!

Secondly --We all know the really full bodied beers need more malt extract, these kits use 3 kg of malt

Thirdly! -Hops, Canning/packing malt extract means you lose that fresh burst of hops, the bit we all love so much. These kits have additional hops to put back the hoppiness! and hoppiness=happiness! The best canned malts also have extra hops, Festival took it a step further by adding the best types of hops for the beer! Floral beers need Cascade hops so, you get Cascade in the  blonde beer. Pilgrims hope uses Target and Summit hops, exactly what is needed for this beer! There's even a small bag so you can filter out the bits of hops as you syphon the beer into your barrel.

Fourthly!   Priming sugar, the priming sugar is the bit you add at the end, the  bit that fizzes the  beer up. By having a hygenic packed priming sugar you don't get contamination problems from having bits of sugar lying about! Also it's glucose rather than sucrose

Fifthly.. The yeast has been chosen for the beer, some yeast suit different beers. The yeast in these kits are selected rather than just using a generic yeast. Some other kits do this as well, Festival just do everything right!

Lastly..Care and attention, that's the  real secret! lots of attention to detail, thinking about what beers we want to drink, and making them! They are superb! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Some kits use extra sugar, festival include Glucose, this increases the alcohol slightly without upsetting the bitter/sweet balance. The higher gravity/stronger kits in the festival range have this sugar included!



Festival Summer Glory Golden Ale 40 Pints

Festival Summer Glory 40 Pints at 5% Golden Ale

So good as a limited edition that it came back as a permanent fixture.

Heady, golden with Crystal and Cascade hops.

Another of these golden boys, bursting with citrus and extra hops.

Carries a four hop rating, when the highest is five! We love it, at 5% it just fills the gap in the Festival range.

like the middle child in the family, it's a bit of a bad boy, the rebel! Nice to look at but carrying a 5% punch, deceptive and luuls you in to drinking a few extra pints .....

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!