Better Brew Premium 23L 40 Pint Beer Kits

A new exciting range of beer kits. Both 2.1 Kg and 1.8 Kg kits. Better Brew already has a name for good wine and now they're producing beers.

Packed in a plastic pouch which allows for small production runs, this gives lovely fresh malts and clean flavours.

Because it's not coming through the major maltsters it's using different malts which give new and very microbrewery taste!


Better Brew Beer Kits 1.8Kg 40 Pint Export Lager

40 Pint Export lager. 1.8Kg of Malt to make a premium Better Brew lager

Full bodied Export lager, about 4.5 %. Nicely blonde and not over hopped.

These kits use specially sourced malts which give a more varied flavour than the canned kits.

We're enjoying them!

Better Brew Beer Kits 1.8Kg 40 Pint Yorkshire Bitter

Better Brew 1.8kg 40 Pints Yorkshire Ale

40 Pints of creamy Yorkshire bitter. You can almost taste the flat caps, like all this range the specially selected malts and small batch runs give a gorgeous flavour.


Better Brew Beer Kits 1.8Kg 40 Pint Midland Mild


Better Brew Midland Mild 40 Pints

A real honest Midland mild, slightly nutty and full of flavour. A good mild depends on the malts for its flavour and doesn't have those powerful hop tastes.

This one is perfect, rounded and slightly sweet, I'lll have another then!

Better Brew Beer Kits 1.8Kg 40 Pint Northern Brown Ale

A full bodied Better Brew Northern Brown 40 Pints

There's whippets in this one! Fruity, nutty and Northern. Not as dark as Chesters used to be, more like the old Wilsons dark mild.

As usual it's made with specially chosen malts and hops to give a very special flavour.

Better Brew Beer Kits 1.8Kg 40 Pint Export Lager


40 Pints Better Brew Premium Lager

A full 40 pints with a genuine lager malt and yeast. One of the few kits to actually use lager malts, this gives a distinct and very lagery taste!

Better Brew Beer Kits 2.1 Kg 40 Pint Czech Pilsner


40 Pints Better Brew Premium Czech Pils

This is a really good seller in the shop. A nice full bodied Czech style lager. Using speciality malt extracts and yeast to give an authentic beer!

Better Brew Beer Kits 1.8Kg 40 Pint India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale, Better Brew Premium.
India Pale Ales or IPA are usually a bit darker than a lager, more a light bitter in colour with a generous allowance of hops to give a pale bitter beer. Very popular in the last couple of years we're selling lots of it!

Better Brew Beer Kits 1.8 Kg Bandit Brew


40 Pints of Tequila and Lime Flavoured Beer

Yep! Tequila beer! Good with a sombrero!

<<<<<Click on the picture for the music!!!

Tequila and Lime?  You know you've got to try it!

What's it like? Ha!! You're going to have to make it!

Ey Pancho! Make me a leetle beer with Tequila in it!

 It looks like the others in this range bit except it has "Bandit Beer" written on it--- The video is the Mexican Hat Dance so you can have a listen to what   your beer sounds like while waiting for the delivery!