Cantina 5 Day Wine Kits

Best selling home winemaking kit in the shop. 

A runaway success - Try the gold range for a more full bodied wine

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EEC regulations means that some names have been changed to protect the guilty. It's the same inside, just the name changed a bit, you'll know which ones!

Cantina wine kits exploded onto the market. They just keep growing,fast good  homemade wine.

Consistent and huge sellers, we love them because we sell lots and you love them because they taste good! Developed using new yeast strains that ferment fast but leave plenty of flavour.

They were developing new strains of yeast to develop bio fuels and by a happy coincidence one makes good wine! 

Inner bag with tap for Cantina box

A plastic bag with a tap so you can use your Cantina box to serve your finished wine

It's just the plastic inner bag, there's a hole on the Cantina box you can punch out easily. You can then pop the tap through and it makes a wine in the box carton. They last for ages. It means you store your Cantina wine easily as well!

The picture shows the tap! You already know what the bag looks like!

White Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina White 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle

The best selling wine kit in the shop.

Fast and simple to make, fresh clean palate.

A refreshing white that is perfect at any time.

All the Cantina range are made from Italian grapes and the white is probably nearest to a Chianti, and a very nice Chianti as well!

White Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Piselberg 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle White

Slightly sweeter than the normal white, more like a German white wine.

A very good seller in the shop, this and the white are probably equal in popularity

It's more the medium side of dry, for those who want to know such things they use Trebbiano and Riesling grapes to give a really delicious taste!
White Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Pinot Grigio 5 Day Wine Kit 30 bottle white

Pinot Grigio. light crisp refreshing, try it really cold with ice. It's one of the best sellers in the shop and we understand why. It's just so nice to drink, the bottle goes before you even notice and you're back for another one!
Cantina Pinot Grigio is made from Italian Pinot grapes that's why it tastes so like the shop bought stuff, it is the same stuff! Try and see, we're sure you're going to love it as much as we do!
White Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Chardonnay 5 Day Wine Kit 30 bottle

More full bodied than the normal Cantina and we believe worth the extra money.

Chardonnay fell out of favour a bit, you'll hear people say " I'll have anything but a Chardonnay!" We don't know why! It's gorgeous, peachy, fruity and full of flavour!

Chardonnay is the most famous grape and loved all over the world, Cantina Chardonnay is a big seller with us and we love it too!
Rose Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Peach Chamblais 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle White/Rose

Chablis with a hint of peach. Medium fruity white wine with a touch of Rose in it.

Is it white ? Is it Rose? It's not really either but it is a really drinkable wine.

Just a hint of rose colour and the subtle flavour of peaches

We like this wine, it's a good one to have in the wine rack and pull out a bottle in the evening when there's a good film on. We find we usually fall asleep before the end , nothing to do with the wine though...

Rose Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Rose 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle

Rose- We love the Rose!

Fresh and fruity with a light blush.

Try it with ice on a sunny afternoon, or chilled on a late evening. Or drink a bottle on a cold evening and be chilled!

A full bodied rose with a refreshing crispness. Rose is perfect anytime, we can drink it with everything it's especially good chilled and drunk in a tall glass... Then another one...
Rose Wine 30 Bottle

Pink Chardonnay 30 Bottle Rose

The body of the Chardonnay with just a hint of pink.

A gorgeous rose wine. We've started to drink more rose wine and when you try this you know why.

Try chilling it for  a few hours before drinking. Yum

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Red 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle Red

Very popular kit based on Italian Sangiovese grapes.

A fairly light bodied red, very easy to drink-

Cantina Red tastes like those Chianti's you get on holiday in Rome. Soft and fruity and really popular, not too heavy and easy to drink. It's another winner , first past the post on a summer evening in the garden!

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Cabernet Sauvignon 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle Red

The Cantina Cabernet Sauvignon-Very popular red, fruity and delicious

The most popular wine kit in the world and the best selling red in the shop!


Full bodied rich deep red, perfect for drinking as soon as it's made, it improves even more in a month or two!

If it ever lasts that long, we usually drink the lot before then!

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Shiraz/Merlot 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle Red

Taking off slowly in the  shop, we all got used to single grapes and they start to bring out blends. Soft and fruity, lots of flavour and bit more interesting than the Cabernet Sauvignon

LIke all Cantina wines it's made from Italian grapes. Merlot is European favourite while Shiraz is a new world interloper. The blend of the two grapes makes a fabulous new wine that we love!
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Cantina Montecino 5 Day Wine Kit 30 Bottle Red

The Classic Italian Red.

Sales are very good in the shop and rising, full bodied and full of flavour. They call the flavour intense, when you go camping the wine is often in tents, we're not sure it's the same

Medium  bodied 

Try and buy a bottle of Montepulciano, you'll be surprised at how much you like it, then come back and buy the Cantina kit to make  30 bottles!