WineXpert Selection International Wine Kits

Made by  Wine Expert in Canada. These are  the best home brew wine kits in the world.



The original range contain some of the classic home made wines. They contain 16 litres of concentrated grape juice and it makes 24 litres/30 bottles of wine. So, the grape juice is not concentrated too much unlike the cheaper kits. This keeps all the delicate flavours and bouquet that are often missing in home made wines.

The International range names the country of origin of the grape juice, so a Chilean Chardonnay comes from? Yep! Chile!


Selection wine kits contain 16  Litres of top quality concentrated grape juice  - There's very little water needed so the end product is as near to the  original wine as you can get. We're very happy with them, they do need to be kept for a few months to be at their best though.

The whites are at the top of the page, then the rose then the red but  you spotted that  already didn't you!


WineExpert Selection California White Zinfandel NEW! 30 Bottle Rose

Says its white but it is of course a rose. 

WineExpert Selection Vieux Chateu De Roi Red 30 Bottle

Translates as Old Castle of the King, full bodied red

WineExpert Selection Australian Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz Red 30 Bottle

Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes in a superb blend

WineExpert SelectionAustralian Shiraz Red 30 Bottle

Winexpert Shiraz- From Australia

WineExpert Selection South African Pinotage Red 30 Bottle

There's not many South African wines available to the home brewer which is a shame.

WineExpert Selection Chilean Malbec Red DIscontinued Sorry

A red Chilean Malbec

WineExpert Selection Chilean Merlot Red 30 Bottle

Nice Fruity Merlot

Selection International California Cabernet Sauvignon Red 30 Bottle

Californian Cab Sav

WineExpert Selection Sangiovese Red 30 Bottle

Sangiovese-Imagine the most popular Italian Red---

WineExpert Selection Original Nebbiolo Red 30 Bottle

We love our reds, especially the big Barolos.

WineExpert Selection New Zealand Pinot Noir- Red

You all kept asking for a Pinot Noir. Well here it is! And, not just any but a very special New Zealand one

WineExpert Selection Luna Rossa Red 30 Bottle

It means Red Moon, We like to think it's full bodied like a blousey, dusty, red, Italian summer evening..


WineExpert Selection Italian Pinot Grigio 30 Bottle White

Typically Italian, light and sharp but a full 13%.
A favourite for us in the shop.
Well balanced and refreshing, a burst of lemon and those  citrus notes we all love!

WineExpert Selection Californian Chardonnay 30 Bottle White

Selection International Chardonnay is typical of those Californian Chardonnays.

Winexpert Selection Australian Chardonnay

An Australian Chardonnay from Winexpert

Winexpert Selection Luna Bianca White

An Italian White

Winexpert Selection California Riesling

Californian Riesling