Beaverdale 30 Bottle Wine Kits

The House of Beaverdale! The best selling all grape kit in the UK. We sell loads of beaverdale wine kits in all the types! Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the favourites followed by Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.

The House of Beaverdale wine kits are from Ritchie Products who live in Burton on Trent.

Beaverdale wine kit concentrates are sourced from all over the world to give some of the most successful homebrew wine kits ever. They have been updated continually and just get better! We're very happy to sell and stock these wonderful wine kits.

  We still offer free delivery over £65.00 and a 5% discount if you order over £100.00 -- So buy 3 kits for free delivery and 5% discount!

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Nebbiolo Red 30 Bottle Red Wine

Full bodied lush and Italian, summer afternoons and hot evenings produce this exotic wine.

Well suited to wet UK evenings!  New name , same wine

We 've been making the House of Beaverdale Barollo/Nebbiollo and taking it to parties. It gets a fabulous reception. Everyone leaves the shop bought wines alone and drinks the Beaverdale Barollo! Full bodied and we hate to say it but there's blackberries summer fruits and old leather in there! Best left with a bit of sweetness , just the medium side of dry, to bring out the flavour!
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Cabernet Sauvignon 30 Bottle Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon  One of the worlds most popular red wines. Sells like mad.
House fo Beaverdale Cabernet Sauvignon, full bodied easy to drink and ever so popular. It deserves it's place as one of the best selling wines in the world. We sell shed loads of it. If we may offer a suggestion...We all love it and it is gorgeous but try one of the others as well!  It's so good it stops you trying the other fantastic wines we have on offer! So be brave! Try one of the others!
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Californian Red 30 Bottle Red Wine

California  Red. We used to call it Zinfandel but now it's just red! It's got some Carignane grapes in it which soften and mellow it. Principally cabernet sauvignon but tempered down to a cheerful Californian red
Another supermarket favourite.   They're always trying to get you to buy it threes, it's so easy to drink you'll be back for another three next day. House of beaverdale kits are in 30 bottles! We don't think you'll drink the lot in one night. We have made it for parties and the lot has disappeared but we're not sure  if that counts!
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Shiraz 30 Bottle Red Wine

Shiraz. Ever popular, full bodied and tasty, very red and New World!
House of Beaverdale Shiraz, New World means it's from Australia or one of the newly discovered places. My wifes' Grandad left his wife Flo, and went there 70 years ago and it had been there a long time then. I'd hardly call it new world. Anyway its gorgeous, sort of raspberry and red. Full of character and naughtiness, bit like Flo I think!
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Pinot Noir 30 Bottle Red Wine

30 bottles of Beaverdale Pinot Noir - A popular wine in the shop!

Pinot Noir is the main grape of Burgundy.

People often expect an intensly dark wine but Pinot is a lighter red. A bit of raspberry, most definitely a red but not too heavy. Easily drunk, and like us, quite often drunk! We love it!

Burgundy is of course one of our favourite wines of all time!

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Roja Tinto 30 Bottle Red Wine

House of Beaverdale Roja-Red bloodied and thirsty, intense and hot. We love it!
Rioja--Hot and sunny region in Spain, producing intense reds with loads of body and character. We love the really big reds. This wine kit sells well. Repeat sales are excellent! If you never tried it you need to! Rioja in the supermarket is expensive and rightly so, home made Roja is the same price as the other wines! Makes this a treat you need to try!
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Cabernet Shiraz 30 Bottle Red Wine NEW!!

A mix of Cabernet and Shiraz Grapes in a 30 bottle kit from Beaverdale

The best selling  wine in the range is cabernet sauvignon, the shiraz is close behind! Blend the the two and you have a sure fire winner, the two grapes work together to produce a friendship that everyone can enjoy!

Long lasting and full of happiness- and like all good friendships it gets better! Try and keep it for six months and see what we mean.

Red Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Chateau De Roi 30 Bottle Red Wine

Chateau du Roi

We recommend this one in the shop, it's got a big flavour and the best bouquet of all the reds, thebrewshop best buy!

House of Beaverdale invented Chateau de Roi, it's meant to suggest that it's like Chateau Neuf De Pape! It is a big full bodied red. Bursting out of the bottle into your glass. As soon as you open the kit you can smell it, fruity and gorgeous and the bouquet stays in the finished wine. You really have to try it! If you love the big reds then press the button and get this baby ordered!
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Merlot Red 30 Bottle Red Wine

Merlot -Soft easy drinking red. Another big seller in the shop and all over the world
Soft where the cabernet sauvignon is hard, lower in tannins and fruity. It's why they so often blend the two together. Pure Merlot for the HOuse of Beaverdale is a delight! It's the perfect wine kit. Easy to make and very simple to drink. Matures fast, it's good in a week and keeps getting better. By the time you've drunk the last bottle you're desperate for more, you need to start a new kit off fast! Don't wait until you've drunk the lot, get another one now! Or better still buy a couple while you're ordering!
Rose Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Blush Rose 30 Bottle Rose Wine

30 bottles of full bodied House of Beaverdale Rose

Rose! Discover rose wine! It's perfect, neither red nor white. A perfect compromise. Don't tell us you only drink the  reds or the white. Try it. You will love it and see why everyone has started to rave about rose. House of Beaverdale C  Blush has a pink flavour and slight tartness that is a gorgeous surprise in your rose wine!

Try it and then tell us how much you were surprised.

Rose Wine 30 Bottle

Grenache Rose 30 Bottle Rose Wine

Grenache Rose, a full bodied pleasant  rose Medium Dry

A red wine that is mainly blended but does turn up as a single varietal.    best suited to hot dusty climates. The Grenache is known for losing it's colour and producing light red wines which is why it's suited to producing a rose!

A gorgeous full bodied rose with flavour and depth, for those who like their rose to full on!

White Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Chardonnay 30 Bottle White Wine

It's the best selling white wine in the world. House of Beaverdale take a lot of trouble to make their Chardonnay meet the standards. It's full bodied cheerful and delicious. It's gorgeous with ice in a long glass or even at room temperature! We love it! It's much better than most cheap supermarket Chardonnays!
Ritchie products big success story! The House of Beaverdale!
White Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Gerwertztraminer 30 Bottle White Wine

Full bodied and a touch of sweetness, not sweet! It is dry but has that background of sweetness. It's full bodied and flowery. Very German in style, not like that terrible cheap Blue Nun stuff we drank in the 80's but real wine with a taste you can enjoy!
White Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Pinot Grigio White 30 Bottle White Wine

Pinot Grigio-- Sales of Pinot Grigio keep rising! No surprise to us! We've been making it for years in the shop! House of Beaverdale Piniot Grigio is typical of these slightly acidic whites. Fresh and dry, clean and lovely. We love it chilled, in a very long glass. Look in Aldi and see that they have several Italian Pinot Grigio wines. They know a winner and sell loads of it, this one is excellent and fraction of the price of commercial wines!
White Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale Sauvignon Blanc 30 Bottle White Wine

Best buy! It outsells the Chardonnay in the shop you need to try it as well!

It's the grape that they use in Bordeaux and it's not too heavy, full flavoured and delicious. The minute you open the pack of concentrate you know it's good, the bouquet is there and it's just waiting to be made.

The House of Beaverdale have a real success in this one

White Wine 30 Bottle

Beaverdale White Burgundy 30 Bottle White Wine

Also known as Bougeron Blanc! It might come labelled this way!

Me Dad introduced me to White Burgundy years ago. Just like red he said. It is as well. If you shut your eyes it could be a red. Don't let me put you off! It is white! Powerful flavour that is deep and mellow. Beaverdale White Burgundy makes a stunning house wine!
White Wine 30 Bottle

Chardonnay Semillon 30 Bottle White Wine

Chardonnay Semillon - A classic white wine with character
We all know what Chardonnay is, so what's Semillon? Semillon is an odd grape, it just seems to have turned up in the early 1800's. At one  time it was the most planted grape in the world. One of the main grapes of the Bordeaux region and used a lot in Australian wines. It's grown everywhere! It's said to be a bit bland so it's blended, which is why we have Chardonnay Semillon! Look at the Australian "stamp" wines in the supermarkets and you'll find it. It's very  popular amongst those in the know! Try it for yourself and see why!