Beaverdale 30 Bottle Wine Kits

The House of Beaverdale! The best selling all grape kit in the UK. We sell loads of beaverdale wine kits in all the types! Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the favourites followed by Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.

The House of Beaverdale wine kits are from Ritchie Products who live in Burton on Trent.

Beaverdale wine kit concentrates are sourced from all over the world to give some of the most successful homebrew wine kits ever. They have been updated continually and just get better! We're very happy to sell and stock these wonderful wine kits.

  We still offer free delivery over £65.00 and a 5% discount if you order over £100.00 -- So buy 3 kits for free delivery and 5% discount!


Beaverdale Nebbiolo Red 30 Bottle Red Wine

Full bodied lush and Italian, summer afternoons and hot evenings produce this exotic wine.

Well suited to wet UK evenings!  New name , same wine


Beaverdale Cabernet Sauvignon 30 Bottle Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon  One of the worlds most popular red wines. Sells like mad.

Beaverdale Shiraz 30 Bottle Red Wine

Shiraz. Ever popular, full bodied and tasty, very red and New World!

Pinot Noir 30 Bottle Red Wine

30 bottles of Beaverdale Pinot Noir - A popular wine in the shop!

Beaverdale Roja Tinto 30 Bottle Red Wine

House of Beaverdale Roja-Red bloodied and thirsty, intense and hot. We love it!

Cabernet Shiraz 30 Bottle Red Wine NEW!!

A mix of Cabernet and Shiraz Grapes in a 30 bottle kit from Beaverdale

Beaverdale Merlot Red 30 Bottle Red Wine

Merlot -Soft easy drinking red. Another big seller in the shop and all over the world

Beaverdale Blush Rose 30 Bottle Rose Wine

30 bottles of full bodied House of Beaverdale Rose

Grenache Rose 30 Bottle Rose Wine

Grenache Rose, a full bodied pleasant  rose Medium Dry

Beaverdale Gerwertztraminer 30 Bottle White Wine

Full bodied and a touch of sweetness, not sweet! It is dry but has that background of sweetness. It's full bodied and flowery. Very German in style, not like that terrible cheap Blue Nun stuff we drank in the 80's but real wine with a taste you can enjoy!

Beaverdale Pinot Grigio White 30 Bottle White Wine

Pinot Grigio-- Sales of Pinot Grigio keep rising! No surprise to us! We've been making it for years in the shop! House of Beaverdale Piniot Grigio is typical of these slightly acidic whites. Fresh and dry, clean and lovely. We love it chilled, in a very long glass. Look in Aldi and see that they have several Italian Pinot Grigio wines. They know a winner and sell loads of it, this one is excellent and fraction of the price of commercial wines!

Beaverdale Sauvignon Blanc 30 Bottle White Wine

Best buy! It outsells the Chardonnay in the shop you need to try it as well!

It's the grape that they use in Bordeaux and it's not too heavy, full flavoured and delicious. The minute you open the pack of concentrate you know it's good, the bouquet is there and it's just waiting to be made.

The House of Beaverdale have a real success in this one

Beaverdale White Burgundy 30 Bottle White Wine

Also known as Bougeron Blanc! It might come labelled this way!

Beaverdale Chardonnay

One of the world's great white wine grapes. Used in the making of many styles. When properly aged in oak, the fragrant and flavourful crisp wines derived from Chardonnay are rich and well-balanced with wonderful body and finesse and a lingering after taste.