Finishing Hops- Add to any beer kit

These are the hops you add to give that last hoppy nose and a bit of extra bitterness

Add to any kit. Adds hop aroma and flavour that's missing in the kit!

Open the pack and there's a hop "teabag" inside. Pour boiling water over the teabag and leave a bout 10 minutes. Then add it to the beer when you add the yeast.

Or, for a more intense hoppiness leave the "teabag" for about an hour and add just the liquor to the beer immediately before bottling or barrelling

The Alpha acid is the amount of bitterness in the hop, the higher the alpha acid the more bitter the hop.


Fuggles Finishing Hops 12G

Fuggles finishing hops.

Goldings finishing hops 12G

Goldings Finishing hops

Hallertauer/Hersbrucker Finishing Hops 12G

Hallertau/ Hersbrusker Finishing Hops

Progress Finishing Hops 12g

Progress Finishing Hops 12g

Saaz Finishing Hop 12G

Saaz Finishing Hop 12g

Cascade Finishing Hops 12g

Cascade finishing hops, they have that nice citrus flavour

Bitters and pale ales

ALpha Acid 7.5

Chinook Finishing Hops 12g

CHinook hop pellets, herbal, smoky and aromatic. Intense hops used in American IPAs

Alpha acid 11

Williamette Finishing Hops 12g

Williamette finishing hops-A fragrantly spicy hop, used in maercan beers with the more delicate hop aromas

Alpha acid 4.5

Target Finishing Hops 12g

Target finishing hops, a UK spicy citrus type hop. Hints of sage and herbs.

Alpha Acid 4%

Amarillo Finishing Hops 12g

Amarillo finishing hops,flowery, citrus and spice!

Alpha 4.5

Mosaic Finishing Hops 12g

Tipped to be the next great hop! Mangoes, tropical fruits, citrus-of course! Floral..

Alpha acid 11