Muntons Mondego Reserve 30 Wine KIts

30 Bottle budget wine kits from Muntons, Mondego Reserve

Muntons use good quality European Grape juice to make a budget 30 bottle wine kit. This gives a good wine at a low price.

It needs  3.5 kg of sugar which is one way they keep the price low.

Rose Wine 30 Bottle

Muntons Mondego Reserve Medium Dry Rose 30 Bottle Wine Kit

30 bottles of fabulous Mondego Reserve Rose
A lovely rose, nice body and a good colour. We sell a lot of rose, this is a gorgeous one
White Wine 30 Bottle

Muntons Mondego Reserve Medium Dry White 30 Bottle

Mondego reserve medium dry white- 30 bottles
Does exactly what it says on the can! 30 bottles of a lovely white wine at a great price.
Red Wine 30 Bottle

Mondego Reserve Medium Dry Red 30 Bottle

 30 bottle red wine kit from Muntons, Mondego Reserve

It says medium red but we'd say it's really a light bodied red. Plenty of flavour and character though so you wont be disappointed.