Muntons Cedars Gold 15 Bottle Kits

From Muntons, a great new idea, Cedars Gold 15 Bottle wine kits.


Needs no extra sugar, it's pure grape juice to make the best wine.

Ready in three weeks and keeps improving after bottling, at six months old it's excellent. Not that we can keep it six months, it all gets drunk..


Pure grape varieties, the superb Muntons quality and with a specially designed fermenter.

15 bottles is a handy size to make and the Muntons fermenter is the best looking fermenter to use with these kits.

We're in love with Cedar Gold already! The fermenter looks great on my kitchen work top and the wines are really good.


Muntons Wine Fermenter 15 Bottles Looks like these are discontinued

A lovely new fermenter that looks fantastic and is made to take these lovely wine kits

Sorry - These appear to be discontinued

These are the good looking new boys. Clean blue plastic designed to look good in your kitchen!

They are the first purpose built fermenters and have lots of exciting new features.

Bright clean see through blue plastic, much more rigid than the normal fermenters, these really are good!

Nice big screw neck so you can get your hand in, tap , big bright see through airlock. The airlock is a new design that screws into the cap for the perfect seal!

We love them and have them bubbling away on our worktops, they are going to make life hard for the old cheap buckets and tub type fermenters!

Muntons Cedar Gold 15 Bottle Kits

Muntons Cedar Gold 15 Bottle Shiraz Blush Rose

15 Bottles of Muntons Cedars Gold Shiraz Blush- A gorgeous full bodied rose  LAST FEW!!!!!

Rose can be a bit too light and wishy washy, the use of Shiraz grapes gives this one a plumminess and fruitiness that lifts the flavours to give a full bodied lush rose.

Muntons Cedar Gold 15 Bottle Kits

Muntons Cedar Gold 15 Bottle Merlot Red Wine ALL GONE SORRY!

15 Bottles of Muntons Cedar Gold Merlot .


A lighter red than the Cabernet. More cranberry and plum. Easily drinkable and fast maturing.

Supposed to be from the French word for a young Blackbird, Merlot. It does have a brightness and a spring about it.

 We hope you like it as much as we do.