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We stock the biggest and best range of home made wine kits in the UK - Most are in stock,

We've arranged them by quality, generally.The better the quality the more you pay.

Some of the kit manufacturers don't agree with our assessment of quality!

We believe our home brew kits offer the best value of any - If we think a kit is not worth the money then we don't stock it!

We enjoy our home brew   We hope you do! 

  Premium Quality   Medium Quality   Standard Quality  One Gallon/Six And Two gallon/15 Bottle

WineExpert Selection Best Selling Quality Wine Kit

Beaverdale-Best selling all grape kit in the shop


Very Popular and fast fermenting


 Beaverdale All Grape

beaverdale one gallon wine kits

 The Best One Gallon Kit



  Wine Expert Selection Estate, Eclipse

and Estate With Grape Skins


 D.O.C.s - ItalianDocs italian wine kitsConcentrate One of the New Boys  


Magnum -Budget Price!

- and Magnum


NEW! 21/2 Gall 15 Bottle Kits

Muntons Cedars Gold


 Vintners World and Reserve

Wine kits  Ever Popular


Australian Blend



Solomon Grundy

And Solomon

 Grundy Gold

   Muntons Wine Kits 6 Bottle- Range with Grape, Fruit  and Flower Wines

  Kenridge Showcasekenridge showcase

  California Connoissuers  

 Belvino-DriedBelvino wine kits -heaviley baking supplies

Fruit Kits Popular in

Dry Countries!

 Definitive-Range withyoungs definitive wine kitsGrape Fruit and Flower Wines

Selection Limited Editions

Taking orders now for the best kits in the world! Taking Orders for the new 2015 wines! Stock is on it's way so order now!


Muntons Premium Cellar 30 Bottle Wine Kits


 Cellar 7 Kits



Solomon Grundy Seven Day Fruit Wine Kits

Kenridge Classic WInes,

  Island Mist 30 Bottle Fruit Wines Back In Stock!  

 Carafe 21


Alcotec Spirit Base Kit-20%

 Alcohol! An Alcotec Vodka and Alcoshots!

 Niagara Mist Fruity Wines


Kenridge Classic WInes,



Vigneron  -The Old Vigneron gold wine kitFaithful

And Favourite


Butlers One Gallon Kits

Butlers wine kit




Prohibition One Gallon/Six Bottle Liqueur and Base Kits


Mondego  Reserve 30 bottle wine kits

 Butlers- Cheerful kit

Been around for years!


Bards Grape Blends 30 Bottle Kits

     Mondego  Reserve 30 bottle wine kits  



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