Bottles, Bottle Washers, Drainers and Bottle Blasts

Glass beer and wine bottles and all sorts of things to wash  and drain them!


Wine Bottles Glass 75 cl Price per Bottle



Clear or Green Glass 75 Cl bottle, You'll need corks and tool to put the corks in

If you do want some we'll send them but the carriers are so clumsy that we're sorry but we can't  refund any breakages

 You can sterilise and re use old bottles, screw caps are ok for storage up to about 6 months and re use the old screw cap!


Fancy Glass Wine Bottles 75 cl

Perfect for Sloe gin, fancy liquers or special wines!

Swing/Clip Top Glass Grolsch Style Bottles

Clip top bottles re use able. Ceramic/pot top and rubber washer.

These are the clip top bottles, they have a swing top that clips on the bottle. No need for crown caps or bottling machines!

They're also known as grolsch bottles and you're right you can buy grolsch drink it and use the bottles!

Suitable for beer, cider and elderflower champagne!

We'll send as many as you want but because the  carriers are so clumsy we're sorry but we can't refund any breakages on this product

Beer Growlers Stainless 2 Litre

The ultimate bottle, 304 stainless. Holds 2 Litres

Double walled, rated to 40PSI, keeps beer cool and in perfect condition.

Perfect for moving pre carbonated beer about, cool and safe.

Clip top, resealable, reuseable and prevents sunlight or oxygen reaching your beer!

Plastic Beer Bottles pack of 20 500ml brown bottles and caps


Re use any bottle that has held pressure, fizzy water, beer , pop,cider, anything. As long as it was food!

Or,buy new ones from the supermarket and throw the stuff in them away, it's cheaper than buying them off us. Plus they're bulky and take up loads of room in our stockroom.

But, if you do want nice clean new brown ones, here they are in a pack of 20!

Caps for Plastic Bottles Pack of Ten


A pack of ten plastic bottle caps. Fit most of the plastic bottles you buy in the supermarket. You can re use most bottles that have held fizzy drinks/beer/cider etc.

Beer Bottles 500 ml Glass


Beer Bottles 500 ml Brown

We'll send as many as you want but because the  carriers are so clumsy we're sorry but we can't refund any breakages on this product

  We recommend you go to the supermarket and buy fizzy water in a plastic bottle, cost about 23p for a 1.5 litres of it! Throw the water away and the bottles are brilliant, very strong and safe. Don't use the water to make your beer as it's full of co2 and stops the yeast!

Bottling Bucket 30 Litres/6 Gallon with airlock and Filling Wand


A bucket with a nice 6 gallon capacity so it fits 40 pit beer kits with ease.

The filling tube comes off easy for storage...

Complete with airlock


The tap has a long tube with a bit on the bottom...

It allows filling to the bottom of the bottle to reduce frothing and oxidisation.

There is an automatic off valve on the tube, gently hold it on the bottom of your botle and it turns on, just pull the bottle down a bit and it turns off.

Touch the tip of special valve against the side the bottle just to top it up ...

A nice easy bottling device!  The filling tube r

Bottle Drainer Tree and Washer Combined


The Xmas Tree! A bottle drainer and washer all in one.

They call it a washer but's really a steriliser, for a squirt of steriliser after the bottles have been washed

The bottle drainer is obvious, you just put the bottles on the spikey bits upside down and they drain...

The bottle washer is the bit on the  top.

It's a pump in a goldfish bowl, you put the bottle on and push it down and it squirts a jet of liquid into the bottle.

So, you wash and clean the bottles, then squirt the final "no rinse" steriliser into the bottle and drain...That way there's no contaminants from tap water left in the bottle.

No rinse sterilsers are Sodium Metabislphite, Star San or Chemipro Oxi, your choice on that one!  They're all on the steriliser page.

Bottle Drainer 80 Bottle or 50 Bottle


Very useful tool for draining bottles after you've washed them!

It might be a different colour to this one!

The bottle washer doesn't fit on top of this drainer!


FastRack 24 Combo 48 Bottle RAck

FastRack 48 Bottle draining and storage rack

Neat idea that packs away when not in use. Allows you to store empty bottles or rack them for draining

You can hget the idea from the picture. It al packs down and takes up a lot less room than the tree racks.

Economy Bottle Washer Yellow Plastic


It's basically a plunger which shoots a bit of steriliser into the bottle.

They are very popular and work really well.

They don't fit on top of the drainer so they're free standing only!

Bottle Blast Bottle Washer for Screw Tap

Fits on a standard screw tap fitting. Like the one the hose pipe goes on. Jets water into the bottle when you push the bottle on and turns off when you take it off.

Double Bottle Blast Washer


Washes two bottles at once. Made of black plastic, looks like brass on the photo but it is plastic!

Sits flat on in the sink, put the bottle on and a fine spray of water jets up into the bottle.Turns off when you take the bottle off so you don't get water blasting up your sleeves.

Fast and easy once it's set up. Needs a screw tap like the ones that take the hose pipe fittings