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The Butler one gallon range!

Butlers 6 Bottle Home Wine Kits-Ginger and Port!

The world famous 6 bottle Butler wine kits

Not as popular as they used to be, but has it's following!

You have to provide the sugar and most of them need a 1 Kg bag. They are a bit old school but do produce a nice authentic tasting wine. The sherry is the only kit sherry left so it has to be good!

The Sherry , Vermouth and Ginger are a bit stronger than normal at 17%, the  rest of the range come out at about 12%. 


Butlers Connoiseurs 6 bottle White Hockheimer


German style dry white wine.You might never have guessed but it's like a Hock!

A hock is popular German wine of course, light not too flowery with a nice dryness

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit White Moselstein


A nice light dry light bodied white wine, a bit like a Moselle!

The Moselle  is a big river in Germany which has a good tourist trade, drinking wine and beer and sailing up and down the river, perfect!

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit White Piesheimer

A nice fruity Piesporter style wine, you may be spotting a resemblance between the name of the kit and the type of wine...

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit White Rose

Yep! You guessed it!  A nice summery Rose!

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit Red Caves Du Rhon

Hmm, yes!!! A Fruity Rhone style red wine! We think they add a small amount of raspberry juice to give a distinct French taste, it works anyway!

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit Red Prem Crus


This ones a full bodied red. It used to be  very popular. It still has a following!

Premier Cru is used in Burgundy to denote the better vineyards...

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit White Vermouth Bianco

A white Vermouth style Cinzano like drink. Very good, it uses dried herbs and tastes very authentic

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit White Sherry

It;s actually a sort of golden colour. It uses a pack of grain and raisins to give it a sherry flavour. It's excellent but is a bit of messing about. It's the only sherry still available in a kit form.

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit Red - Desert Red- High Alcohol Red Wine

I think this is the only Port style wine  left in a kit form. Nice full bodied medium port style wine. About 17% alcohol so it tastes good as well.

Butlers 6 bottle Wine Kit White Ginger Wine


Don't say we told you this but you can just add half an ounce of dried ginger to any home made wine and it tastes brilliant! A bit like stones , slightly sweet with a nice gingery bite!