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ibrew Complete Homebrew System Tap-a-draft

ibrew- a complete system for making hombrew beers and lagers! Features the unique tap a draft system for the simplest homebrew kit on the market! We love I brew and we think you will too!

ibrew beers stouts and lagers-We love this system , it gives you an easy to use and simple way to dispense and  make beer at home. No messing about with leaky barrels or bottles. A simple 8 pint pet bottle dispensing system with loads of life in your beer! We brew i brew, do you?

Can also be used to fizz your own ginger beer and fruit drinks!!


The ibrew system explained

The unique ibrew tap and gas system! Add gas from the throw away bulb and pour!
Here's how the i brew manages to be so simple !

You make your beer or lager in the special container just like normal homebrew but there the similarity ends!

After a week in the container you syphon your beer into the special pet bottles, each one holds 10 pints of beer!!

Then, no messing about with sugar or priming. You just screw on the special tap dispenser and add a disposable gas bulb! That's it! Instant lively beer! Pop it in the fridge to chill it and drink the same day!


 The 10 pint ibrew pet bottle! Takes loads of pressure, safe and easy! Fits in the fridge!


The beauty of the i brew system!!

! fridge! full of ibrew!
The ibrew fits in the fridge! And , it's always lively and ready to drink
Here's our nice healthy fridge full of i brew and wine. Two custard pies to enjoy with our ibrew bitter!

ibrew Lager System Complete Kit nil stock sorry


Complete kit to make 2x 20 pints of i brew lager!

All fits into the plastic container for easy storage!

ibrew Lager Refil 20 pint

All you need to make another 20 pints of stunning lager using your ibrew system!
A nice German syle lager courtesy of Ibrew

ibrew Bitter Refil 20 Pints

All you need to make another gorgeous 20 pints of bitter using your ibrew beer system!

ibrew Stout Refil 20 Pints

All you need to make another 20 pints of luscious stout using your ibrew beer kit!

Co2 Gas Bulbs in pack of ten to fit the ibrew


Pack of 10 bulbs to put the instant life in your i brew beer!

Fit the standard system ! Also fits the tap a draft system

N2o Nitrogen Gas mix for your ibrew Pack of ten


Pack of ten nitrogen mix bulbs to give you a creamy cream flow type head!

Works like magic, especially good on the stouts!

Spare ibrew 10 pint pet bottle and cap

Spare 10 pint bottle for your i brew! If you add a teaspoon of sugar to your spare bottle you can store your beer for ages! It may drop a bit of sediment if you store it a long time so simply pour it into a clean bottle before you gas it up and drink it!

Spare pack of yeast for your ibrew beer!


A pack of yeast to make 20 to 40 pints of ibrew beer!

Small pack of replacement steriliser for i brew

A small 100g pack of cleaner steriliser to use with your ibrew