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The Moments range of home made wines!

Moments Wine Kits By Advintage

The Moments range - A very nice selection of European and World homebrew wine kits


From an Italian firm  who know a lot about winemaking! The Moments range , from  Italian Chardonnay to Chilean Merlot.

All have 8. 1litres of concentrated juice to make 23 litres/30 Bottles of great wine! That's a bit more juice than their competitors and it gives a more delicate flavour!

We're very happy with this range of wine kits. The quality is excellent and the price is good.


Moments Californian Chardonnay Moments - 30 bottle White

All the way from California just for you! Nice full bodied Chardonnay. We think it's excellent and it's a big seller in the shop

Moments EuropeanSemillon/Chardonnay Moments 30 bottle White


Two great grapes, blended to make a great wine.  Very drinkable and hard to put the bottle away once it's opened!

A good easy drinking wine

Moments Italian Frascati 30 Bottle White

Named after the Frascati region in Italy, fresh Italian and summery. Frascati is a blend of several grapes and is delicious cold! We love it! It reminds us of holidays in Rome where it comes with every meal!

Moments German Gerwurtztraminer 30 Bottle White

German grapes and white wine were made for each other! A good German "Gertie" is hard to get in the UK. The wine has a slightly sweet side of medium flavour. Don't think it will be like most of the German wines we get in the Uk! It's full bodied and packed with flavour, also it's a full 12%!

Moments European Savignon Blanc 30 Bottle White


Sauvignon blanc is nice green skinned grape grown a lot in Bordeaux, this should tell what this wine tastes like! Very popular in the shop, sells like mad in French supermarkets as well!

It possibly out sells the Chardonnay- try it and you'll see why!

Italian Soave 30 Bottle White


Back in the 70's we discovered Soave and drank loads of it. I still love it, Italian and still exotic, more complex than some of the simpler whites. I think it matures well and really needs a couple of months to develop the flavour properly!


Moments New Zealand Pinot Blanc 30 Bottle White

Derived from the Pinot Noir red wine grape it has a fuller flavour than you'd expect from a white. Tastes good as soon as it's made. A wine made for drinking young

Moments South African Chenin Blanc 30 Bottle White


Typically South African and one of the most popular wines there.

Also used in France for a lot of sparkling wines, it's known and loved by some our regulars!

Moments Italian Barolo 30 Bottle Red


Full bodied and robust.. It says it has flavours of tar and roses, I don't know why but that doesn't put me off. It sounds like something I want to drink.

It is a lovely full bodied Italian red!

Moments European Merlot 30 Bottle Red

One of the most popular wines in the shop, grown in France in the Bordeaux region. We all know Merlot! This ones a nice one without that harshness that creeps into the  cheaper Merlot

Moments Italian Valpolicella 30 Bottle Red


Valpolicella- It's hard to say it without lapsing into a Venetian accent. From the top end of Italy and light bodied and sometimes almost a rose.

A good easy drinking Italian red, a bit like Beaujolais.

Moments Australian Cab/Shiraz

The two most popular grape varieties blended so the best of both grapes escapes! We love it! One of our personal favourites, full bodied and with lots of flavour

Moments Australian Shiraz 30 Bottle Red

Also known as Syrah, this Australian one is much better than the ones in the supermarket with wombats or kangaroos on the  label. Gorgeous!

Moments Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon 30 Bottle Red

The most popular by far in the  shop. This ones from Chile and was carefully chosen , we think its a bit better than it's competitors. Nice fruity and full bodied!