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Yeast for Winemaking and for Homebrew

Yeast for Wine kits, restarting wine. Home brew country wines or just about anything winemaking!

There's lots of yeast available, the same yeasts have different names. Champagne yeasts might be called sparkling or restart yeast. We've tried to say which yeast is best for what!   If you need a yeast for your home brew kit the Gervin Gv1  will do the job!

If all you need is one yeast or a couple of light items that we can put in the envelope, you can pack the cash in a bit of cardboard and put it in a thick envelope, please put two first class stamps on the one to us. Then send us  a SAE and post it to us with the money. If you are sending notes or cheque, 1 stamp would be sufficient. - don't forget to tell us which yeast you want! We'll post it back by return.

Yeast Nutrient Small Tub

Enough for about 6x1 gall of wine


Click here for yeast nutrient

Tub All Purpose Yeast 50 g

A small tub of all purpose wine yeast, enough for about 5 separate one gallon batches.

Gervin GV1 Universal Wine Yeast

If you want a general purpose yeast this is it!

Good for everything, nice clean bouquet fast to settle.

Enough for 1 - 5 Gallons of wine (5 to 23 Litres)

Gervin GV2 (Burgundy Wine Yeast) For robust red wine and red fruits

Use for red grapes and any red fruit, eg Damson, Elderberry, Blackberry , sloe etc.

Also known as Burgundy yeast.

It's also very good at overpowering wild yeast so you get a good clean fermentation.

Enough for 1 - 5 Gallons of wine (5 to 23 Litres)

Gervin GV3 (Champagne Wine Yeast) White wine and white fruit,

Use for elder flowers, apples, pears etc.

Especially good for making sparkling wines and restarting a stuck wine

Good for high alcohol wines and ciders as well.

Gervin GV4 (Port) High Alcohol Yeast

Excellent high alcohol yeast, for full bodied desert wines or if you just want a bit more alcohol!

Gervin GV 5 (Low Temperature) white fruit yeast

Ferments down to 8 C. When used at a low temperature it preserves the delicate bouquet and flavour of fruits

Gervin GV6 18% (Sauternes Wine Yeast) light Dessert Wine Yeast

For sweet white wines or any wine which is asking for Sauternes yeast!

Will ferment down to 5 c, used to be known as cold fermenting yeast

Gervin GV8 ( GV A -Bordeaux Wine Yeast) Red Table Wine Yeast

Also for light red fruit wines- So if you're going to make a blackberry and apple it would be fine. Or a light raspberry.

Gervin GV9 (Varietal B Hock Yeast ) Light white wines

Good for German style wines from white or green fruit.

Gervin GV10 (Tokay) Light Sparkling Wine Yeast

For more delicate sparkling or rose wines. 

Gervin GV11 Wine Yeast Varietal D. GV11

Excellent for fine red wines. Fast to ferment.

Gervin Cider Yeast