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Bit of a miserable job in the old days-Even if Dick Van Dyke looked happy in Mary Poppins. Our brushes are nice and clean!

Brushes for Bottles

Everyone needs a bottle brush, trouble is they keep changing the style of brush they sell us.

It will look like the picture but may not be much like it.

In the old days there used to be loads of brush makers, now there's just a few. Why there's so many brushes I'll never know... Anyways, there should be something here for your homebrew needs

Blue Handled Bottle or Demi John Brush

For bottles and things. The colour may change. A useful size of bottle brush with a plastic handle
About 45 cm long. The brush is made of twisted wire so you can bend to get into those awkward nooks and crannies.

Cranked Demi John Brush

A bent brush to tickle the corners of your demi john, it may not be bent when you get it. But, it will be big enough for you to bend it yourself.

Small Bottle Brush


A small bottle brush, for small bottles...fits inside the neck of most wine bottles

This is it in a normal wine bottle- You'll get one similar

About 35 cm long. Brushes vary a bit so it may be a bit different!

Spiral bottle Brush-Rotary Wire

An automatic bottle cleaner, Cleans standard neck wine and beer bottles

As you pull the red handle down the wire end whizzes round and really cleans the bottles. You'll see them in every small winery in Italy. They do a good job!

The wire bristles are held the brass end piece so it's easy to get in the bottle, they pop out when you start to use it!

Whopper Bottle Brush 36"


A nice long brush for 5 gallon fermenters.

Nylon bristles and wound wire handle- big enough for most 5 gallon, 25 litre fermenters!

It's 36" or if you'd like to be metricated it's nearly a metre.

I must warn you we had the shop cat metricated and it was never the same... 

Small Brush (Tea Pot Spout Brush) 19cm Long

A tiny brush for those tricky small places. Nylon bristles.

These used to be called teapot spout brushes when we were young.. Then they were called airlock cleaning brushes, they're now sold as tap brushes.

If you want it for cleaning bits about the house you  may find that Oxipro on the cleaning stuff page is also good for getting rid of stains, cleaning teapots etc.