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Sugar Loaf Mountain - Rio de Janeiro- Woo! Holiday Time!

Sugars and Beer Enhancer

There's quite a few alternatives to sugar you can use in your homebrew. Microbrewery beer is often made with the addition of some glucose or 'Brewing Sugar'


If a kit calls for brewing sugar or beer enhancer you can actually just use normal sugar from the supermarket. Different sugars give different tastes though. You may prefer these!

If you want a different flavour try experimenting with syrup, honey treacle etc. Buy it from the supermarket! If you do use treacle it's a strong flavour and will dominate especially in light beers so be warned!


Glucose Brewing Sugar/Dextrose Monohydrate

A kg of brewing sugar. Yes, it's also known as dextrose,  monohydrate and glucose. It's all the same stuff.

It has less of a homebrew taste than normal sugar, you're already used to it in cakes and sweets. You might catch sight of bags of it on trips to breweries! 

Glucose/Brewing Sugar/Dextrose Monohydrate 25kg

Yep! A nice big 25 kg bag of Glucose- In bulk for micro breweries or just for big home brewers!

1.3 litres is about a 1kg of sugar if you're using a jug to measure it!

Candi Sugar Belgian Light 500g

Belgian Candi sugar in a the light form.

Candi Sugar Belgian Dark 500g

Dark luscious Belgian candi sugar- features in some beer recipes. Also good in coffee.


Coopers Carbonation Drops

Pack of 60 glucose tablets to use as a priming sugar for bottled beers. You use two drops per 750 ml bottle.

They're glucose and sucrose in 73/27 mix.


Beer Enhancer 1kg

 Use instead of sugar to give your beer more body and flavour. It's a blend of Spray dried malt and glucose sugar. Gives more body and  fullness than sugar.

Body Bru (Malto Dextrin) 500g

Body Bru , also known as Malto Dextrin or Burton Body Brew

Lactose Milk Sugar 500g

Lactose- Milk sugar. Used in milk stouts and some  of the modern micro brews.Mackeson is the best example.