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Woo! 5 New limited editions for 2016

WineXpert Limited Editions 2016/17 Taking Orders!

Made by Wine Expert and only available for a short time! These are great kits . These are the  Selection Limited Edition Range!  We've only got limited stocks this year... 2017... We'll mark them sold out as we do sell out....



 We do order a few extra but tend to run out fast when they are delivered! So, order the whole range as soon as you can!  These are the best of the home made wines, homebrew gets no better!

We'll just take the money when we deliver each kit  so you can order the range and only  pay when you get delivery of each one!  IF you pay by pay pal all the money goes at one go...

Selection Limited Edition, only available for a short time


March 2017 Cabernet Franc Washingtonxpert Limited Edition 2015 Sorry all gone now


March 2017 Vermentino Italy Winexpert Limited Edition 2016


April 2017 Malagro Spain Winexpert Limited Edition 2017 Sorry all gone


May 2017 Blanc de Noir California SOLD OUT Edition 2016


June 2017 Grenache Cabernet Australia Winexpert Limited Edition 2016 Sorry SOld Out!