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Fishing with a hat! Fishing Hats

Yep our very own hats! We sponsor sea angling club. It's Peter and a few of his bro in laws.

We go out and drink beer and sometimes cartch a fish! We eat all we catch... Yum! hats! Well they have sea angling club written on them ! They are brill! If anyone catches a whale while wearing one of our hats and sends a picture of themselves with the hat and the whale we'll snd you another free hat!
! sea angling club hat


It's a nice quality hat with velcro adjuster, one size fits all

It comes in blue or blue and has

sea angling club

 written on it and you can own one!

More Fishing pics!

Fishing  with our sea angling club hats-  Shell Island!


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The next one will be bigger! Mike...Me Bro in law