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St Peter's Brewey Kits

St Peter's Brewery Ale Kits

Yep! Homebrew beers from the famous St Peters Brewery in Suffolk

St. Peter’s Brewery is hidden away miles from anywhere. It takes ages to get there from anywhere. It's a beautiful spot for a brewery and there's a nice shop selling the beer. Even a bar where you can buy draught beer. It's very hard to find anywhere selling the draught as it's nearly all bottled.


 The middle of the brewery is St Peters hall dating from 1280. Beautiful beer from a great location and always worth a visit. Right in the  heart of barley growing country . The beers are available in supermarkets all over the country, we love them and were very pleased when they brought out the homebrew range! We couldn't wait to try them and we weren't disappointed!


St Peters Brewery Ruby Red Ale


Gorgeous ruby coloured beer, we love it! This is probably one of the best kits we've made for a long time and we've made some beers! You've got to try it. It's along the lines of a speckled hen, but you can of course buy the ST Peters in the shops as well!



St Peters Brewery IPA 32 Pint Bitter 5.5%

Tangy zesty, well hopped and strong. Everything an IPA should be. The strength caught us off guard! Be warned its a bit stronger than most homebrew beer!
We tried this with some extra finishing hops, it just upped the bitterness and hop aroma a bit. We were very pleased with the result. We're all drinking our beer a bit more bitter!

St Peter's Brewery Cream Stout 36 Pint

36 Pints of the creamy black stuff. cream stout fro St Peter's,

A good chocolaty cream stout, makes just 36 pints and that bit of reduction gives it a nice malty creaminess.

Along the lines of the Russian Imperial Stouts, another winner from St Peter's

St Peter's Brewrey Golden Ale 36 Pint

36 Pints of Golden Ale from St Peter's

4.7% A gorgeous hoppy pale golden ale.

One of the new golden beers, bit more malty with a slightly sweet edge than the run of the mill beers.

Balances out that extra hoppiness nicely, it has a good flavour of the malt grain poking through on after taste!

Would benefit from adding some finishing hops! It would give it the extra bitterness and that hoppy afterburn we're all looking for!

St Peter's Brewery Honey Flavour Porter


St Peter's Honey Porter

40 Pints at 4.5%

A new arrival from St Peter 's a Honey Porter.

They gave St Peter the gates of heaven and this is the reason why. A dark Porter with honey, how good does it get?

They make Bees work really hard for this, just so you can have a honey beer! You can think of them while you enjoy the beer! Don't worry all the Bees were happy workers in a joint co operative and worked for union rates.

There's an aroma of honey and a definite taste, not overpowering just gentle and enough to enhance the darkness of the black malts.