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Try it with a slice of lime or lemon!

Ginger Beer Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic

Three ginger beers for you to try!

Two are ginger beer kits and the last one  a home made ginger beer recipe!

Have fun!

Home made ginger beer is the best! Once you've had it you realise what it's all about!

The commercial stuff just isn't right, home made is what it's all about!


Ritchies Ginger Beer 40 Pints

Ginger  Beer Kit , 40 Pints of alcoholic ginger beer

Makes 40 pints of Ginger Beer at about 3.9 %

Add 1kg of sugar

Easy and fast, just takes two weeks! Traditional ginger beer like the olden days!

Don't drink too much, it is alcoholic!

Coopers Ginger Beer 20 litres- Coopers OUT OF STOCK FEB18


Can be made alcoholic or non alcoholic!

Makes 20 litres, nice and easy to make a traditional ginger beer in a can!

Coopers say it's made to a traditional recipe, we say it does taste like ginger beer we had when we were kids!

It's a shame no British company can manage to make one!

Ginger Beer Compound Riddles Extra Hot


Add two pounds of sugar to make 5 pints of ginger compound!

Not really a ginger beer, more of a cordial but still very good!

It's also used by the micro breweries to make their Ginger Beers- They add a bit to a barrel of beer to give a hint of ginger! Try it in your home brew!

How to make Ginger Beer

Classic home made ginger beer! Alcoholic!

Get a 2 litre bottle-An empty plastic one that has held cider, beer or pop. One of those big fizzy drink bottles.

Wash it out or just throw away the stuff inside.

Add 12 oz Sugar

1 oz dried Ginger

Juice of a Lemon-Or a good squeeze of jif or bottled lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon of beer yeast- Munton's Standard will be fine.

Put it all in the pop bottle and fill up with cold water.

Screw the lid on and leave in a warm place for a few days,

The bottle will go hard then you'll know its fizzy- It may take a week in cold weather-Pop it in the fridge and drink when cold.

Adjust the recipe to suit yourself, too hot use less ginger, too sweet less sugar Etc.

Make it a few times and devise your own recipe!

If it goes flat put it back in the warm...