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A small commercial made copper still- Nothing to do with Home brew or microbrewery! We will get you one if you want!

John's Shoestring Microbrewery

This homebrew microbrewery was made by John Harvey.

It cost very little and produces wonderful home brew beer.

If you'd like details please mail us and we'll answer any questions and post them up here

Most of it was made from bits that he got for free, you may have to buy some bits!

You don't need to spend a fortune and a five gallon brewery is big enough for most people for home consumption.


The Engine Room!

HLT The Hot Liquor Tank or Boiler.. Does both jobs,

It's a 50 litre beer barrel salvaged from the tip. .


The top has been sawn open. You don't need a lid, it's ok with an open rolling boil.


The CFC Set Up

Counter flow chiller! Or CFC. That's the yellow pipe! It was made by laying 8mm copper pipe out in a straight line,then feeding it through the yellow hose pipe, the liquor goes down the 8mm copper pipe and cold water passes round it in the  other direction in the  yellow pipe-- Get it?

Internal Workings of The Boiler

This is the whirlpool.

It shows the kettle elements clearly at the bottom of the boiler.

See how the mash tun, with the red tap, drains straight into the boiler. Saves syphoning!

The Trestle.

It's knocked together from wood.

Nice and easy. I made one out of dexion racking I found dumped.

You just need something to hold the various mash tuns etc.