Cognacs and brandies from prestige essences
C'est Bon! Av' a leetle brandy for moi!

Brandy and Fruit Brandy Essences

A taste of France without crossing the water!

A nice selection of Prestige essence brandies. We spoil you!


Ambrosia French Bandy

Ambrosia French Brandy-Containing natural Brandy aroma and oak extracts. A very good essence giving an excellent brandy!

Marty Romin Brandy- Well balanced

Prestige Marty Romin, a classic brandy!

Brandy- very superior old pale colour.


A light coloured FRench Brandy, good with lemonade or just with ice

Strandier- Prestige essence to make 75cl of Drink

Brandy with an orange flavour-- A bit like a famous drink made by Marnier!

Mild French Brandy-Ultra Premium Range


The smugglers favourite, French Brandy for the Parson!

Not too harsh, with Brandy Oil, for a really good bouquet


Brandy de Luxe Ultra Premium, to make 75cl of Drink

Ultra Premium range, more flavour! A better essence, makes 75cl of  a good quality brandy

Xo Brandy UP Range Brandy to Make 75 cL of Drink

Ultra Premium brandy, to make 75 cl of brandy. This essence has grape skin extracts for a superb brandy flavour.

Apricot Brandy Mild to Make 75cl of Drink

MIx of Apricot and Brandy, a strong apricot and a mild brandy!

Sweet Apricot Brandy to MAke 75cl of Drink

We're not sure what the difference is with the two apricot brandies, perhaps you know! please tell us!