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48 Buxton Rd

Heaviley Stockport

0161 480 4880

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 Open Monday to Saturday 9 'til 5.30  We reserve the right to be late or leave early if we're drunk or hungover

We are thebrewshop.com and trade as a shop under the name Brewing Supplies

We love home brew and it's our hobby as well as our business, we love anything homebrew!

The owner of the business is Peter Hood Here he is lost in the  snow above Glossop and looking for a beer!

Peter Hood has been in the brewing game all his life- Working in home brew shops for over 35 years

He loves all beers and wines as does everyone who works in thebrewshop! If you don't drink you're not allowed to work in thebrewshop! He owned the Brewing Supplies shop in Altrincham   before taking over the Stockport shop from his parents 15 years ago! Like everyone who works in thebrewshop he enjoys a pint or a glass of home made wine  He's a very keen brewer..of course! He's also known for playing the  banjo in  Ye Olde Vic Band- U tube video here

You can have a look at the old duffer playing the banjo!

Peter is  a keen mountain biker and walker, he's also a clockmaker by trade which comes in handy when making things for brewing!

He's been making wine and beer all his life, he's responsible for all the recipes on the site and all the jokes!

email him direct here peter@thebrewshop.com