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We are the specialists in all home brew shop beer and wine making kits and equipment.

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We Are  We are in Greater Manchester and are the biggest and best stocked home brew shop in the country.

Settled in the leafy borough of Stockport on the edge of Cheshire and Manchester, close to the M 60 and easy to find! We deliver every day. We sell everything home brew. Beer making kits   and wine making kits and all the bits in between.

We have been selling home brew for over 35 years and we love it!

Opening Hours 9 - 5.30 Weekdays. Saturday Close at 5.00. Closed Sunday

March! Spring! The weather is getting warmer Hooray!


   Free Delivery on any order over 60.00 Most orders delivered next working day!

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We've worked hard to make our home brew shop site easy to use. If there's anything you cant find please tell us!  


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A great gift!

We have some stock of the WineXpert Limited Editions Wine kits

The Limited Edition Range from WineExpert are back!

They are the best wines you'll ever make, we have a few extras but supplies are limited, we sell out every year, make sure you get one now because when they've gone, they've gone!

LIMITED EDITION WINE KITS FOR 2014/15 LImited stock of these now, get ready for next year!


Beginners Basic Equipment Kit -only-Set-Beer or Wine

Special Beginner Price!

A six gallon beer or wine making bucket, syphon tube, thermometer, airlock and hydrometer.

Add any wine or beer kit to make 30 bottles or 40 pints.

This is the cheapest kit ever and is a big saving!

Comes in a nice box as well


Use as a starter set for beer or wine, it's all good quality so is reusable and should last for years.


The Grain Father! NEW!!!

New in Stock The Grain Father, these really are the biz.

We've sold a lot of them and this is the new improved one so they're even better!


The grainfather makes mashing easy, it's a boiling mashing and sparging machine. All in one with a recycling action for the mashing.

It's best used with pellet hops as the motor can handle them easier, it's so simple to use you really want one!!

Look Here for the Grainfather

Manager Christian!

Christian is a keen home brewer and wine maker. We don't know why he is in highland dress, we think he is just ready for a weekend chasing wild haggis around the splendid Stockport countryside.

He's also a computer wizz and into all sorts of interesting stuff !

A graduate in philosophy so he's very useful for those deep chats when you've had couple of bottle of wine - or you fancy a bit of haggis for breakfast !

Georgia Looks after the Beer Kits!

Katy has retired to look after Milly, our Great Niece so here's Niece Georgia The new Thebrewshop Saturday girl! 

She's also the only one who wears a brewshop hoody!

Festival Premium Ale Kits- They're fantastic! Best home brew we've ever had.. You have to try one, treat yourself to a special.....<<<<<<CLICK HERE>>>>>>>

If you fancy being adventurous try one of custom brews <<<<Here>>>>>>

The Mid Week Staff!

Peter Fox - Peter was a lecturer in I.C.T. at Birmingham University. He's also a chemist!  He's ready for the tricky questions! He also brews a lot of wine and beer kits so can help you make the best choice!

Accounts Department

This the lovely Fran the Accounts Manager

The secret boss of Thebrewshop!

What she says goes... Part of the secret and mysterious back room staff!

You may see her playing whistle with Ye Olde Vic Band who can be seen around Stockport playing in the beer houses!


Gary -Transport

This is Gary, he played for Stockport County Youth Team

He looks after your home brew parcels from us to the UK mail depot!


Micro Breweries - Stockport

We have a few local micro  breweries, if you're in the area make sure you try their beers! 

Great beers and a nice bunch of people, make sure you try their beers when you are in Stockport. You could spend a day visiting Stockport's great micro breweries, they all produce excellent beer and are well worth a look!

We sell everything home brew! We're in Stockport, Cheshire and close to Manchester. We are the best home brew shop in the Manchester area !

What do we sell?

Blimey! We sell everything! From House of  Beaverdale to Magnum wine kits. From Woodefordes Wherry to Geordie Beer kits from stills to stainless Steel Brewing Equipment and well, everything!!

If all you want is a home brew beer kit or a home made wine kit then we have it! We also have all the wine making equipment and chemicals you'll ever need. We also have a stock of pre-loved German made Rumpots/Rumtopf

Full and easy instructions on how to use the air still are to be found here!

Cellar to Rent!

There's a nice big Cellar under thebrewshop if anyone is thinking of opening a Micro Brewery in Stockport, rent is cheap! Ask us to discuss it... Or call and have a look

We've also got some Parking Spaces to rent near the Town Hall-- £20 a week!

A poem!

Not written by us...

Often seen on sea side trinkets from Blackpool or Skeggy, we like it!

Thirsty days hath September

April June and November

All the rest are thirsty too,

Except for him who hath home-brew!